Friday, 2 February 2018

Gymnastics - Balance

This week in PE, we continued our gymnastics topic, and for this lesson, we explored the different ways we can balance, using both small and large body parts.

We explored so many different ways we could balance using different parts of our body, and all of the children were being very daring and were trying to find the most creative balance.....and then holding them for 5 seconds without falling over!

After working in pairs, we then moved onto groups of 4, to explore the types of balances we could make together in a group (as well as continuing to be creative with these balances.)

All of the children worked fantastically well together and amazed me with their creativity. Next week, we will be moving onto the different jumps we can do in gymnastics, as well as using the balances we have learnt today in order to create a routine. Lots to look forward to, so keep checking back for updates :) 

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Investigating Maths

I asked the children : How many equal groups can you make from 30 cubes?

They were tasked with finding all of the different equal groups they could make (as part of our multiplication and division learning)

We had some fantastic discussions about their knowledge of times tables, and why certain numbers wouldn't work.....

All of the children worked amazingly as pairs, and we were able to have some brilliant discussions......all of the children were able to write multiplication and division related questions according to how they had shared their cubes......such fantastic effort by everyone, well done!!!!

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

How many bones do we have?

As part of our Science learning (Animals including humans), I asked the children......How many bones do we have? After some estimating, the children were then challenged with counting their bones........

This included, counting the number of ribs we have, and the number of bones we have in our feet and our hands. The children all absolutely loved this activity, and we learnt that we have 206 bones in our body (not from counting them individually)

Fantastic effort everyone :) 

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Where is Egypt?

As part of our topic this term.....Ancient Egypt.....a very important part of it is to identify where Egypt is.

We revised as a class, all of the continents of the world, and then had some very interesting discussions on where we thought Egypt was (based on what we already know)!

We then used some atlases to identify the exact location of Egypt.......

As well as, locating some major cities and landmarks within Egypt.

Brilliant effort everyone, well done :) 

Monday, 8 January 2018

Ancient Egyptian Treasure Hunt

When we all arrived to school this morning, we noticed how something had been left on our class whiteboard. After lots of guesses......had I left it? Had Mr Adams? It must have been Mrs Hewitt!! Maybe it was a ghost? We then had a closer look at it........

We worked out that it was written in hieroglyphics....which was what the Ancient Egyptians used to write in!! We looked at the map and realised it was a map of our school and that we must try and crack the code!!!!

We followed the map, and were able to find the clues around the school, which then meant we had deciphered the message......and it was about the treasure!!!!!!!

Luckily, we all found the treasure (which we all enjoyed very much!!!!)

Well done everyone, fantastic start to our Egyptian topic :) 

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

What makes a sound?

As an introduction to our sound topic in Science, our classroom was very loud this afternoon, because all of the children were given musical instruments to play at the same time!

Before the practical part of our learning, as a class we discussed what we already knew about sound itself. As we are a class with lots of future scientists, we came up with so many good points for the children to show off their knowledge of sound.

I asked the children : How do we make a sound? This question started lots of discussions, including the children giving real life examples of sounds we create in our daily routines from being at home in the morning, coming to school for the day and then going back home. 

The children were then given the chance to use some instruments to create a range of sounds.......

We investigated what makes a sound and the children came up with "when two objects make contact" - fantastic effort by all!! We then discussed all of the sounds we hear in school and what causes them, as well as investigating how we make sound when we talk!

Brilliant learning this afternoon!!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Greek Clay Vases - Part 1

As we have been learning about Greek Art this term, which has included painting our very own Greek Vases using the 'red-figure' and 'black-figure' style. It was now time to create them using clay........

The children absolutely loved doing this, it was a chance for them to all be very creative. The first stage was to create the 'vase shape' which we found was a bit of a challenge, but after lots of practise the children were able to create the shape.

We then began to carve some patterns into our vases, which was another chance for the children to show off their creativity. 

Now we need to wait for about a week to let the clay dry, and then we will paint the base layer!