Friday, 23 September 2016

Cave Paintings!

This week, as part of our Stone Age topic, we have been researching and learning about cave paintings.

What an exciting prospect it was to create our own paintings, however, in line with the people who lived in the Stone Age, we imagined our classroom was a cave, which meant we had no tables or chairs, therefore the children had to become creative....

 Many of our children were using the walls of the classroom to lean against whilst they were drawing.

This was proving to be quite difficult...however in true Stone Age tradition, the children persevered!

Some of the questions which were asked during this activity.....

Why did they not build a table?

Did they use a ladder to get right to the top?

I've made a mistake, can I use a rubber? Were there rubbers during Stone Age times?

Several of the children, decided to adopt the technique of lying on the floor (inside our cave!) Fantastic method, with something secure to lean on. However, what happens if a sabre tooth tiger enters our cave? Or a woolly mammoth? Or even a bear? Surely these children would be in big trouble if one of these came for a 'visit' to our cave? Nonetheless...they continued to draw!!

Finally, quite a lot of our children chose to use the underneath of our tables, as if they were drawing cave paintings on the ceiling of our caves! How very creative!

An absolutely fabulous Art/History lesson, remember to check back for our finished cave paintings!

Please note, no children were eaten by any Stone Age animals during this lesson!

Thanks for reading our blog !

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