Friday, 21 October 2016

An EGGcellent EGGxperiment!!!!

Science is definitely one of my class's favourite subjects! The passion and enthusiasm is out of this world, even on a Thursday afternoon, two days before half term! We have been learning about the topic 'Animals including Humans' and part of this is to look at our teeth, learn the different types of teeth we have, as well as how to look after our teeth properly. From this, we have devised an experiment to show tooth decay linked with the effects of different types of drink, that I imagine we all drink regularly, and will assume are healthy and good for us! This is where the eggs come in.......

Mrs Chapman, so kindly boiled 25 eggs for us last night, ready for us to use in Science today. The children were using the eggs (specifically the shell), to see the effects certain drinks have on our teeth.

 The children each had 5 boiled eggs, and were to put these in containers, and fill them with a variety of liquids, which included cola, orange juice and water. Some children also decided to mix the three liquids together to see what effect that would have on our teeth (egg shell) too!!

The children made predictions as to which liquid was going to cause the most decay, there were a variety of different answers, as well as several children using the knowledge they already had learnt to base their prediction on.

The eggs were put in a variety of different places around the classroom and our resource room (so that they do not get mixed up, as children and adults alike can be very forgetful!)

I imagine that tomorrow we will be continuously checking the eggs to see the decay the drinks are causing, and then we will leave them over half term (which hopefully will not cause a smell in our classroom). Once we know the results, we will post an update to everyone to show what we have found out!

Happy blogging :) from all the scientists in Miss Shears' class

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