Thursday, 20 October 2016

I have given a new meaning to practical Maths!!

I am a great believer in working extremely practical in Maths, being able to physically see the problem in front of us, in order to help us solve it! However, for yesterday's Maths lesson, I put the place value counters away, the dienes, and the multi-link cubes! Confused? or perhaps intrigued?

I had decided to raid the P.E. equipment in the hall, and came back to my class with hoops and cones, all which were placed on the floor waiting for my children to arrive to their Maths lesson. As soon as they walked in, the bright yellow hoops and then red and blue scattered across my classroom floor immediately caught their attention....

I began to throw some cones in to the hoops, at this point the children were asked to explain what I was doing....(in a mathematical approach)...within 2 minutes, the children came up with an addition calculation using word problems (all because I threw some cones all over the floor!) Now that I had their interest, the children we allowed to create their own addition and subtraction word problems using cones and hoops...and allowing other groups of children to solve them. It was all about verbalising this part of Maths, so that the children could decide on whether or not to use addition or subtraction.

 What a successful Maths the end, all of the children were writing their own two step addition and subtraction problems, which we passing around the classroom for everyone to solve! A massive well done to everyone, even if my entire classroom was covered in hoops and cones at one point!

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