Thursday, 13 October 2016

Olympic athletes in the making......

Now who doesn't love a bit of P.E. on a freezing cold and rather windy Wednesday afternoon??? Luckily we were in the hall for our weekly P.E. lesson, otherwise no doubt we would have been blown away by the strong easterly winds coming in off of the sea!!!

This term, we have started a new P.E. programme called 'Real P.E.'  Does that mean what we have been teaching all these years has been fake? Definitely not, but with our new P.E. programme, at the time being we are primarily focussing on the fundamentals of different activities. Once we have mastered all of these, we can begin to transfer them to a variety of team and individual sports, which is something we are all used to doing in P.E.

My class have been fantastically supportive and fully engaged in the new layout of our P.E. lessons, taking ownership of their own skills by making the decision to practise more, as well as committing to working together as a whole class.

Today in P.E. our lesson was based on the 'Static Balance - small base' Many of the children asked: Why do I need to do this? How is this going to help me play football and basketball? Brilliant questions, all of which were answered by the end of the lesson because the children were able to see how these skills were transferable to a variety of different sports.

As a whole class, we work together in stages to complete each of the tasks. The children are continuously self assessing themselves throughout the tasks and make their own decisions as and when they feel they are ready to move on.

All of the children today were able to move up three stages completing the static balance - small base, whilst on the floor, then moving onto a bench and then using a variety of different balls to catch whilst still performing that same skill!

We may not have been playing a whole class game of football, rugby, netball or basketball, but the children were able to finely tune the basic fundamental skills that will help them in each of these sports and so much more! Even the children that have very little confidence in P.E. are able to successfully participate and improve a valuable skill.

We will be continuing this fundamental skill next week, so keep an eye out for my next blog :)

Here is a photo showing all of the children in our class performing the Static Balance - small base!

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