Monday, 10 October 2016

Sink or Swim?

Is there a better place than this to learn how to swim?

We are lucky enough to live in such a supportive community town. Everyone at The Admiral Swimming pool are always happy to see us on a Friday afternoon for our weekly swimming session. All of the children are used to the routine of eating their lunch early, having a quick run around in the playground until they all see me walking out of the school to remind them we have swimming this afternoon and the bus is waiting for us!

We have completed 3 of our swimming lessons and in this short space of time I have seen every child improve massively. Whether this is their technique of entering the pool safely, using their legs correctly when doing the breast stroke (which as we all know is not as easy as it looks) or not kicking their legs so frantically that I get absolutely soaked! Although, this week, I did come away a little bit on the damp side, but then again my group had a focus on kicking their legs in front crawl,  so what did I expect!

Fantastic session this week though, every one is making so much improvement, Mrs Lund and I are so very proud of you all! From week 1 when some of the children did not want to even enter the water, whereas now the children are reluctant to get out!!

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