Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The world we live in....

On Monday afternoon, I walked into my classroom during the ICT lesson, and saw every single member of my class completely focused on their iPad! I was rather intrigued to find out exactly what they had been doing, so I asked several children to explain to me. Now I have grown up in a world full of technology, be this an iPad, laptop, computer, iPhone, iPod, as well as many different apps that I have downloaded throughout the years and will still use today!

What really surprised me was the fact the children were using Keynote to create a piece of work on our Stone Age topic! Back in my day (writing this shows how old I am), we would use a piece of paper and a pencil, possibly colouring pencils too! Yet, my children had been researching different aspects of life in the Stone Age and comparing it to life today, inputting sentences and keywords, selecting photos, changing the size of these photos, and carefully selecting the different tools to change the font size etc (I could go on forever!!!)

These photos show the concentration levels of my children and how engaged each of them were during their ICT lesson.....

I am so excited to see their completed work, and I am already looking forward to next Monday (not that I want to wish my time away), but the passion the children were showing, the respect they have for each other and their ideas as well as the quality pieces of work they are all creating!

I will post some photos once they have completed! Happy blogging :)

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