Wednesday, 12 October 2016

This is not paint, it's 'mud' !!!

Luckily the children in my class are all absolutely fantastic at throwing them selves completely into life in the Stone Age (from practice in our previous lessons), as well as being encouraged along by me who possibly takes it too seriously (wait until I dress up as someone from the Stone Age)!!

Today we were continuing with some Stone Age art using our hands! Now, my plan was to get mud from somewhere (possibly my garden), unfortunately though time slipped away from me too fast, and I was unable to raid my garden for the mud! Never mind though, because we made a brown paint using what we had in our art cupboard and the children got fully stuck in to creating hand prints to decorate our cave!!!

Some of the children were slightly apprehensive because they didn't want to get dirty, but after showing them the orderly line of : paint, print and wash, they were all absolutely fine with sticking their hands into a palette of brown paint!!

We will use these prints to not only decorate our cave (classroom) with but we will be using them for our topic display! Once this is finished I will post another photo so we can all see what the children have achieved this term!

Happy blogging :)

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