Thursday, 20 October 2016

We love show and tell in our class!

Most days, several children will always ask if they can show something to everyone at the end of the day, and usually we have time. In recent days, this has become a lot more popular, therefore I am going to involve the show and tell on our blog (even blogged by the children)

Today's show and tell was brought to you by Kane!

Kane decided to come up to me when he walked into class this morning and show me two of his mini-beasts that he collects! I'm sure he sees the panic on my face as my brain tries to establish whether they are real or not!!! Luckily they aren't, but the horror continues when Kane asks if I can look after them throughout the day (as he places them in clear sight on my desk!) Luckily as a brave teacher, I overcome a slight fear, as I know they are not real!

Kane spoke to the class at the end of the day, telling us all about these mini-beasts and the other ones he has at home (which he is going to bring in too!) Some of which include giant ants, scorpions and what I can only assume was a cockroach! However, putting all of my fears aside, it is amazing listening to Kane who has such a passion and enjoyment from collecting these, as well as all of the children being so interested and asking such insightful questions, which shows off how much knowledge Kane has about all of these creatures!

Well done Kane, I look forward to listening to you again talking about which new ones you have collected, even if you say it will most probably be a scorpion!!

P.S. We do have tables and chairs in our class, we just happened to move them all to the side to make space during our learning this afternoon!

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