Wednesday, 19 October 2016

What a beautiful morning......

This morning, whilst tidying up the chaos in my classroom which I had caused yesterday: moving tables (again), writing pieces of work for display, backing our cave paintings and hand prints. As well as realising my desk no longer existed because I had been placing things on it all day yesterday which resulted in not actually being able to see it! However, in the mix of all of this complete chaos, I decided to open the window (moving tables is quite a good morning workout), and I noticed the sky! Now there is nothing better to look that a bright pink sky at 7.30am!

 I know it's not the best photo, however if I was to get any closer I either would have fallen out of the window (not the best thing to do) or I would have dropped my class iPad and being at the top of the school, I'm positive the iPad would not make it!!

Anyway, I hope you all have a brilliant day :)

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