Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Up, up and away!!!!!!!

All day, I have been giving the children lots of hints of what we will be doing in the afternoon, some of which have included : "we are going to be making something to allow us to fly!" All of the children were intrigued to find out what I had in store for them, as well as thinking I was going to help them make wings to fly home at the end of the day! Now although that would possibly work considering how windy it has been in the last few days....we were actually making parachutes to investigate the effects of air resistance, which is part of our science topic on forces. Much to my delight, the children were extremely excited to be making these parachutes, and learning lots of new vocabulary to describe what was happening with our parachute in relation to air resistance.

I would definitely say that science is one of my class' favourite subjects, they are always completely engaged and the discussions we create as a class are simply fascinating! Anyway, back to the parachutes......

The children worked in pairs to design and make 3 parachutes, using plastic bags, tin foil, tape and string (at this stage they realised we wouldn't be strapped to the parachutes and flying home!)

After the creating process, which was such fun to watch and observe, because the children were working so well together designing these parachutes, and continuously discussing the different variables they were going to include or change.

The time quickly came round to test out our exciting time!!

The children all had such fun during this investigation, I was even asked if we could make a larger one to carry the whole class...I'm not sure how well this would work using tin foil, plastic bags and string.....maybe we should just predict what we think might happen!!!!

Another fantastic Science lesson, well done everyone :)

Monday, 21 November 2016

Introducing the Bronze Age

The next part of our History topic is to research and learn all about the Bronze Age. We had a very exciting lesson where the children were writing as many different facts about the Bronze Age as they could, sharing ideas and opinions as well as coming up with questions for what they would like to learn. These included:

Kane - Which animal lasted the longest?
Ciaran - How did they live?
Harriet - Why did the Bronze Age start to do farming?
Evie - When was the Bronze Age extinct and why?
Anton - How did they keep entertained?
Calum - What weapons did they use the most?
Kian - Who was the first person to discover bronze?
Helena - How did they survive in the mountains?

These are only a few of the very interesting questions which have been asked. Hopefully this term we will find out the answers to all of our questions on the Bronze Age.

After the research stage, the children were then tasked to write a research map (of their own choice), which could have been in the format of a Non-Chronological report (which is something we have been learning about in Literacy).

The concentration was amazing whilst they were doing this, as well as reading more information and asking so many different questions....I can't help but wonder if they thought I was from the Bronze some questions developed into this...."Miss Shears, why did you make jewellery in the Bronze Age?"

Thursday, 10 November 2016

and the award goes to.......

On Friday, during our weekly celebration assembly, our class were awarded the 'Deputy Head Teacher Award' WOW!!!!! What a fantastic achievement for everyone in my class!

As explained by the children, the reasons for this award were......

We have been really good and sensible for Mr Gibbons - Erika

We were brilliant for Mrs Thompson when whilst completing our 'all about me' books - Dolly

We have had a brilliant attitude towards our learning - Evie

Miss Shears thinks we are fantastic - Sophia

We are polite and well mannered - Daisy

Mrs Thompson had said that teaching in our class was the most fun she has had in ages - Helena

Well done everyone :) I am super proud of each and every single one of you :) keep up this awesome effort that you all show every day in all of our lessons :)

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Where did that week go?

I'm sure we are all asking the same question.....where did that week go? Nevertheless, it is the start of a new half term, the children are ready and raring to go! I've already heard lots of wonderful stories about what my children have been doing during half term which have included practising their spelling, their times tables, as well as having lots of fun completing our 'homework bingo'. As well as everyone having a well deserved break, visiting family members, day trips out, and even camping!!

This half term, we have lots to look forward to...which include:
  • learning about forces in our Science lessons which will involve a variety of experiments (how exciting, especially with all of the scientists we have in our class!

  • learning about the Bronze Age and the Iron Age in our topic lessons, which will be linked to Art & Design and Technology where we will be creating fact files, writing newspaper reports, designing our own hill-forts, designing and making shields, as well as creating drama pieces.

  • learning how to create a multi-media presentation which will involve using a variety of special effects, inputting information including photos, and finally presenting these to the class (such fun)
and finally...

  • continuing our learning in Maths and English, where we have all worked extremely hard last half term, and I am sure this fantastic attitude to learning will continue

As well as remembering how this term leads us to Christmas, therefore as someone who absolutely loves Christmas, my class will be doing lots of different activities, however I won't spoil the surprise just yet, we will all have to wait and see!

Hope you have a brilliant half term :)