Thursday, 10 November 2016

and the award goes to.......

On Friday, during our weekly celebration assembly, our class were awarded the 'Deputy Head Teacher Award' WOW!!!!! What a fantastic achievement for everyone in my class!

As explained by the children, the reasons for this award were......

We have been really good and sensible for Mr Gibbons - Erika

We were brilliant for Mrs Thompson when whilst completing our 'all about me' books - Dolly

We have had a brilliant attitude towards our learning - Evie

Miss Shears thinks we are fantastic - Sophia

We are polite and well mannered - Daisy

Mrs Thompson had said that teaching in our class was the most fun she has had in ages - Helena

Well done everyone :) I am super proud of each and every single one of you :) keep up this awesome effort that you all show every day in all of our lessons :)

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