Monday, 21 November 2016

Introducing the Bronze Age

The next part of our History topic is to research and learn all about the Bronze Age. We had a very exciting lesson where the children were writing as many different facts about the Bronze Age as they could, sharing ideas and opinions as well as coming up with questions for what they would like to learn. These included:

Kane - Which animal lasted the longest?
Ciaran - How did they live?
Harriet - Why did the Bronze Age start to do farming?
Evie - When was the Bronze Age extinct and why?
Anton - How did they keep entertained?
Calum - What weapons did they use the most?
Kian - Who was the first person to discover bronze?
Helena - How did they survive in the mountains?

These are only a few of the very interesting questions which have been asked. Hopefully this term we will find out the answers to all of our questions on the Bronze Age.

After the research stage, the children were then tasked to write a research map (of their own choice), which could have been in the format of a Non-Chronological report (which is something we have been learning about in Literacy).

The concentration was amazing whilst they were doing this, as well as reading more information and asking so many different questions....I can't help but wonder if they thought I was from the Bronze some questions developed into this...."Miss Shears, why did you make jewellery in the Bronze Age?"

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