Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Where did that week go?

I'm sure we are all asking the same question.....where did that week go? Nevertheless, it is the start of a new half term, the children are ready and raring to go! I've already heard lots of wonderful stories about what my children have been doing during half term which have included practising their spelling, their times tables, as well as having lots of fun completing our 'homework bingo'. As well as everyone having a well deserved break, visiting family members, day trips out, and even camping!!

This half term, we have lots to look forward to...which include:
  • learning about forces in our Science lessons which will involve a variety of experiments (how exciting, especially with all of the scientists we have in our class!

  • learning about the Bronze Age and the Iron Age in our topic lessons, which will be linked to Art & Design and Technology where we will be creating fact files, writing newspaper reports, designing our own hill-forts, designing and making shields, as well as creating drama pieces.

  • learning how to create a multi-media presentation which will involve using a variety of special effects, inputting information including photos, and finally presenting these to the class (such fun)
and finally...

  • continuing our learning in Maths and English, where we have all worked extremely hard last half term, and I am sure this fantastic attitude to learning will continue

As well as remembering how this term leads us to Christmas, therefore as someone who absolutely loves Christmas, my class will be doing lots of different activities, however I won't spoil the surprise just yet, we will all have to wait and see!

Hope you have a brilliant half term :)

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