Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Aren't we all Crackers for Christmas?

Well Christmas has officially started in our class....we have a fun filled week of lots of Christmas activities.

To start the 'bauble' rolling.... on Monday we made our very own Christmas cards. Guided so very well by our craft extraordinaire Mrs Lund!

Such amazing concentration levels by everyone.... 

After a 'WOW' introduction to the making of our cards, and how we can all make them (in stages obviously, especially for Miss Shears!) The children were set off with their pieces of card and their Christmas ribbon.

Mrs Lund continues to impress the children (and me) with the different scissors she has to make amazing little patterns in our cards......just WOW!!!!!!

I won't spoil the finale of taking photos of everyone's Christmas cards, as it can be a nice surprise for everyone at home to see how fantastic these cards are and how hard all of the children have worked!!

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