Thursday, 8 December 2016

Guess the time in history!

As we draw to a close our Stone Age to Iron Age topic, we all felt it was important to prove to me how much they had learnt throughout this term, and with no better way than to show this than through drama. The children were separated into three groups, with each choosing a period (Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age) to consolidate everything they have learnt. However, at this point I was not allowed to know which group had each period, as they all had to prove to me all the knowledge they have gained about the weapons, houses, food, farming, clothing, art, entertainment and animals. We agreed on a time frame of 25 minutes to create their performance, and without hesitation, as soon as I said they could start, each group went straight back in time to their particular period!

Group 1 showing the whole class their performance. Fantastic teamwork and collaboration of their knowledge!

 Group 2 showing us their freeze frames to start their performance. Excellent tension building, and they kept me guessing all the way through their performance, right until the very end, when I was convinced I knew what period they had chosen!

Finally, Group 3 performing, what I have to say was an excellent performance, some amazing team work skills shown in this group, listening to each others ideas and accepting that they only had a limited time so they needed to make effective decisions....and wow what a performance!

Every single member of our class worked extremely hard this afternoon, and this was proved from their performance. As the game for me to guess the period each group were expressing, it finally came to the time where I had to decide! Luckily I got each of the groups correct! Fantastic work every one :)

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