Wednesday, 29 November 2017

What makes a sound?

As an introduction to our sound topic in Science, our classroom was very loud this afternoon, because all of the children were given musical instruments to play at the same time!

Before the practical part of our learning, as a class we discussed what we already knew about sound itself. As we are a class with lots of future scientists, we came up with so many good points for the children to show off their knowledge of sound.

I asked the children : How do we make a sound? This question started lots of discussions, including the children giving real life examples of sounds we create in our daily routines from being at home in the morning, coming to school for the day and then going back home. 

The children were then given the chance to use some instruments to create a range of sounds.......

We investigated what makes a sound and the children came up with "when two objects make contact" - fantastic effort by all!! We then discussed all of the sounds we hear in school and what causes them, as well as investigating how we make sound when we talk!

Brilliant learning this afternoon!!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Greek Clay Vases - Part 1

As we have been learning about Greek Art this term, which has included painting our very own Greek Vases using the 'red-figure' and 'black-figure' style. It was now time to create them using clay........

The children absolutely loved doing this, it was a chance for them to all be very creative. The first stage was to create the 'vase shape' which we found was a bit of a challenge, but after lots of practise the children were able to create the shape.

We then began to carve some patterns into our vases, which was another chance for the children to show off their creativity. 

Now we need to wait for about a week to let the clay dry, and then we will paint the base layer!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Greek Temple Challenge

As part of our Ancient Greece topic, this afternoon we have been learning about Greek temples.

The children have now been set the challenge to build a Greek Temple.

The key part of this challenge is for the children to work together effectively as a team. 

Here are some photos of 'stage 1' of the Temple Challenge..........

I can't wait to see what they build......

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Greek Day - quotes from the children

Here are some quotes from the children............

"I loved the fashion show, it was awesome!" - Laila

"My favourite part of the day was when we did the Olympics, specifically the pentathlon because we got to do lots of running, hurdles and hula hoops.!" - Louie

"My favourite part of the day was when we made the wreaths. It was really fun." - Lana

"I liked doing the fashion show, because we got to walk across a catwalk and did a pose at the end!" - Amelie

"I loved Miss Shears' outfit." - Grace B

"I was excited for the food tasting part of the day. I tried the olives but I did not like them!" - Tom

"We had lots of activities on in the afternoon as part of our Greek Olympic Games. It was brilliant!" - Henry

"I loved trying the different food. I tried some types of bread, the olives and the stuffed vine leaves." - Will M

"I loved coming to school and seeing everyone dressed in their Greek costumes." - Molly

"Most of all.....I LOVED GREEK DAY!!!!" - Henry

"The whole day was amazing. I loved it!" - Laila

Greek Day - Just a short message.......

Just a quick message to say thank you to everyone who was involved in our Greek Day, all of the children, the teachers and the teaching assistants. As well as a massive thank you to every one at home for your donations which without, none of this would have been possible.

Just look how happy they all are :)

Well done everyone :) HAPPY GREEK DAY!!!!!

Greek Day - Olympics

What better way to spend the afternoon doing our Greek Day Olympics. All of the children in Year 3/4 were separated into 5 teams and we set up 5 different events on the lower playground for all of the children to take part in. These were: the pentathlon, discus, shot put, jumping and the marathon. Each group would spend 10 minutes on each of the events, and luckily the weather was on our side for the entire afternoon.

Here are the teams:

They all looked FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Pentathlon Photos

Marathon Photos


We all loved being outside this afternoon, the children were brilliant in all of the events, they took part in everything, and had a fantastic time.

Well done everyone :) Awesome team spirit!!!

Greek Day - Theseus and the Minotaur

Just before lunch, (after all of the food tasting), we had a little bit of chill time, where we listened to the Ancient Greek Myth - Theseus and the Minotaur.

From this, we then discussed the main parts of the story and the children created short pieces of drama and freeze frames in their groups.

As you can see, most of the groups decided to choose the part of the story where Theseus defeats the Minotaur. Brilliant aspect of our learning, and the children loved the story....which we will read/watch again at some point this week!

Greek Day - Food tasting

Greek day wouldn't have been complete if it didn't involve food! After break, the children were brought back into class and we were busy preparing the Greek food tasting session. This included: olives, pitta bread, stuffed vine leaves, feta cheese, houmous, and tzatziki. 

After some persuasion that we had grapes on the table (which were in fact olives), the children all began to taste the food. In fact, I think we all had seconds and thirds!!!!!

Most of the children were exceptionally brave and decided to try an olive..............

Unfortunately, because our class are full of very brave warriors, there were no olives left, which Miss Shears absolutely loves!!!

We discussed as a class what each of the food tasted like, and whether we would like to eat some more. As well as a short comparison to some of the food we eat today!!!

Brilliant effort everyone :)