Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Perseverance in our class

According to the Oxford Dictionary.....the definition of perseverance is 'persistence in doing something despite difficulty.'

There is a time in everyone's life where we come across something that is difficult.....what do we do? Shall we give up? Or shall we persevere?

Luckily, with the fantastic attitude of the children in our class, they are all continuously persevering with a specific aspect of their learning that they find challenging!! As one of the values of our school, perseverance is embedded into the children to ensure they all try their best and don't give up! Well as matter of fact (not from the Oxford Dictionary again), but my children now refuse to give up, because they want to succeed....they want to get better....and they want to achieve!!!! How can I ask for any more than that???

Here are some examples of ways in which they children are and have been persevering with an aspect of their learning.......

I can't even begin to explain how proud I am of each and every child in my class! They see this is on a daily basis, because every single day they are striving to achieve something. More importantly, I see the look on their faces when they feel that proud, amazing moment of achievement after persevering!!

Well done everyone :)

Such a proud teacher :)

Handball World Championships!!!!!!!

Due to the typical weather conditions for this time of the year, P.E. was cancelled last Wednesday because I didn't think we needed to go in to the playground for swimming!!!! Nonetheless, on Friday, the rain managed to stay away (until home time), so we were able to go outside and learn all about handball. We related what we have been learning in Real P.E. transferring it into a sporting situation.

Several of the children in my class performed the warm up (as it was freezing outside) and we all know how important it is to warm up properly!

As you can see.....Emma, Kane and Saul were fantastic teachers to lead us all through our warm up :)

After warming up, I divided the class into 4 teams (knowing full well that we all would like to play against each other), using the bibs that Oscar our brilliant equipment manager brought down for us! After a short example of the rules, we all began to play the 7 minute games.

I know it was cold, and that the rain kept trying to ruin our P.E. lesson, but the motivation and enthusiasm of every single member of my class was astounding. Most of the children had never played handball before, but by the end of the lesson, we were all definitely experts! Even to the point of the children asking to play again in next week's P.E. lesson, and if I could start a handball club!!!

Nothing like a team huddle to start the game!

Kane showing us his brilliant throwing technique

Yoyo jumping as high as she can to try and intercept the long pass from Anton!

All of their eyes are on the ball!!!

I loved P.E. this week because we learn how to play handball. I’ve got better at playing as part of a team, and really enjoying running around the playground, finding space and scoring lots of goals.

By Indigo

On Friday 27th January, we played handball in P.E. The team I was on was with: Luke, Charlie, Harriet and Anya. I really enjoyed it and thought my team were really good, we all kept to the rules Miss Shears taught us and had so much fun!

By Yoyo

Such a brilliant P.E. lesson, we already can't wait until next week.....let's hope it's slightly warmer outside!!!

Happy blogging :)

Our Science learning this week....written by Josh and Saul

In Science this term, we have been learning about Electricity. Specifically this week, we have learnt about appliances: battery operated and electrical. I have discussed with Miss Shears about making electricity using potatoes and lemons. I can’t wait for Science next week!
By Joshua

I learnt this week about different appliances which can be battery operated or electrical. It was the best day ever!
By Saul
All of the children have taken the time to think about different appliances they have/use at home, and comparing this to what we have at school. We developed extremely interesting discussions about those appliances which can be both battery operated and electrical, as well as deepening our understanding with a variety of questions. Next week, we will be learning all about circuits......we can't wait!!!

Star of the Week

As another week goes by, it's time again to choose my star of the week. This is never an easy decision, as I have 27 stars in my class who all excel at so many different things each and every day. However, my chosen star this week was.......(drum roll please).......Oscar!

Oscar has had a fantastic week in each and every subject. He has been giving a superb amount of effort in his lessons, which include: Writing his own version of my story, being a fractions wizard in Maths, being a superstar spelling, and having an fantastic attitude towards his reading. Not only has he been amazing in these subjects, but he has been amazing in Science, French, P.E., Art, ICT and our topic learning.

Massive congratulations Oscar, well done, keep up the hard work!

Friday, 27 January 2017

Picasso Art - Part 1

We’ve been learning about Picasso in Art. I have really enjoyed our Art lesson this week, which was on Thursday. Not because I’m really good at it (which I’m not!), but because I have always wanted to be good at it, so I kept practising, taking my time, and creating a Picasso style portrait of myself. I am really enjoying it!
By Anya

In Art we are learning about Picasso style art. We have been doing it in ICT too by taking photos and cutting them out to create our own portraits. We have a wall in our class which will be filled with out Picasso work next week. I can’t wait to see it!
By Jasmine

One of my favourite parts of the week has been our learning in Art. Not only did I get to sit next to my best friend, but we also both did some really cool Picasso art portraits. I had lots of fun trying to draw in the strange style of Picasso.
By Oscar

We have been learning about Picasso art this week. Using ipads, we have been learning how to take photos of ourselves and cropping them down to make the perfect Picasso style portrait. As well as drawing our portraits in our sketch books. It has been so much fun!
By Anton

My favourite part of the week was on Thursday because we were doing Art. I thought that I couldn’t draw a Picasso style picture, but then I surprised myself because mine was really good, and I felt very proud to have done it. I also got to sit next to my best friend.
By Charlie

In ICT, I have learnt how to use lots of different apps to create photos and Picasso portraits of myself. It has been so much fun!
By Emma

We will post photos of our completed work next week :)

Friday, 13 January 2017

Football Superstar

My name is Charlie and I play football for Stoke Gabriel Under 10's football team. I have been selected to take part in a tournament to represent Stoke Gabriel at Chelsea's home ground.....Stamford Bridge! I am so excited and am really looking forward to this!

Well done Charlie, such a fantastic achievement! We are all looking forward to finding out how you get on :)

Terrific Trampolining

On a Friday now, instead of swimming, Miss Shears' class are now going trampolining. We have separated the class into two groups. Group One went to the first session today...leaving Group Two to do work back at school! We did gymnastics positions and turns - it was so much fun. Here are some comments from the rest of the group:

Harriet - "I struggled with the sitting position."
Yoyo, Erika and Jude - " I liked the challenge at the end when we landed in the sitting position and turned around."
Daisy - "My favourite part was when we landed sitting down and jumped back up."
Saul and Jasmine - "I liked doing the pike position"
Charlie - "One word - AMAZING!!!"
Josh, Kane, Tom and Kian - " I loved...EVERYTHING!!"

We all had a great time!
                                                          Good luck next week, Group Two!
(Written by Sophia Berry)