Friday, 27 January 2017

Picasso Art - Part 1

We’ve been learning about Picasso in Art. I have really enjoyed our Art lesson this week, which was on Thursday. Not because I’m really good at it (which I’m not!), but because I have always wanted to be good at it, so I kept practising, taking my time, and creating a Picasso style portrait of myself. I am really enjoying it!
By Anya

In Art we are learning about Picasso style art. We have been doing it in ICT too by taking photos and cutting them out to create our own portraits. We have a wall in our class which will be filled with out Picasso work next week. I can’t wait to see it!
By Jasmine

One of my favourite parts of the week has been our learning in Art. Not only did I get to sit next to my best friend, but we also both did some really cool Picasso art portraits. I had lots of fun trying to draw in the strange style of Picasso.
By Oscar

We have been learning about Picasso art this week. Using ipads, we have been learning how to take photos of ourselves and cropping them down to make the perfect Picasso style portrait. As well as drawing our portraits in our sketch books. It has been so much fun!
By Anton

My favourite part of the week was on Thursday because we were doing Art. I thought that I couldn’t draw a Picasso style picture, but then I surprised myself because mine was really good, and I felt very proud to have done it. I also got to sit next to my best friend.
By Charlie

In ICT, I have learnt how to use lots of different apps to create photos and Picasso portraits of myself. It has been so much fun!
By Emma

We will post photos of our completed work next week :)

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