Friday, 13 January 2017

Terrific Trampolining

On a Friday now, instead of swimming, Miss Shears' class are now going trampolining. We have separated the class into two groups. Group One went to the first session today...leaving Group Two to do work back at school! We did gymnastics positions and turns - it was so much fun. Here are some comments from the rest of the group:

Harriet - "I struggled with the sitting position."
Yoyo, Erika and Jude - " I liked the challenge at the end when we landed in the sitting position and turned around."
Daisy - "My favourite part was when we landed sitting down and jumped back up."
Saul and Jasmine - "I liked doing the pike position"
Charlie - "One word - AMAZING!!!"
Josh, Kane, Tom and Kian - " I loved...EVERYTHING!!"

We all had a great time!
                                                          Good luck next week, Group Two!
(Written by Sophia Berry)

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