Friday, 10 February 2017

The final bounce!!

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our time at Brixham College taking part in trampolining coaching sessions. The sessions were led by Miss Moss, who also invited some GCSE P.E. students to help our children become even better at trampolining.

The children have learnt so many different skills, from being able to control the vast amount of jumps to controlling how to stop!

What a fantastic opportunity for my class to be a part of! We will all miss trampolining on a Friday, and would like to thank Miss Moss for her brilliant coaching skills and allowing us to develop our trampolining skills!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Fun with FRACTIONS!!!!!

Now I'm sure some of us can remember the terror we felt when our teachers told us that we would be learning about fractions for the next few weeks!!! Something that we do all use in our daily lives, whether we realise it or not....such as "maybe I shouldn't eat another piece of cake, because that means I will have eaten half of it!"

However, after the first fractions lesson, the children realised that there is nothing to be scared of and that we can all have so much fun learning about it!!

A key part of growing up, is learning to work together, which is something we value as very important at school!  Whether this is playing together at break or lunch times, taking part in buddy reading  or even solving a maths problem together......

We do love a bit of problem solving, which is something I try to do as many times a week, no matter what the lesson!! Specifically for this blog, I am focussing on Maths!!!!

Handing the children an envelope filled with pieces of paper (similar to that of a puzzle), which they need to put back together!! However, the twist in this was that the pieces of paper represented a variety of fractions!! All I can say is that, every child worked fantastically well together, with specific emphasis on using key fractions vocabulary!! There was no talk about football, dabbing, TV programmes or food.....because it was all about fractions......EVERY table I worked with (all of them), the conversations involved tenths, hundredths, denominator, numerator, fraction, whole, parts, equal!!! It was fantastic to listen to the children (considering how worried they all were about doing fractions!!!)

Observing all of the children working together and learning to use the vocabulary, as well as solving the problem I gave them was (in their words) EPIC!!!! Massive well done to everyone :)

Epic Trampolining - written by Calum and Daisy

Trampolining was epic!

Oscar was like a monkey when he jumped because he could jump so high!

Luke can bounce 5000m high as he is really tall!

Dolly’s favourite part was learning about the jumps she hasn’t known before.

Tom’s favourite part was the challenge at the end, which he was able to complete.
Ciaran’s favourite part was the challenged too. “It was so much fun!”
Evie’s favourite part was learning about the different jumps, and she was awesome at it!

I started off feeling scared to do any of the jumps, but I built up my confidence, and was able to take part. It was so much fun; I can’t wait until next week!

By Calum

A fantastic blog written by Calum :)

Exercise and Electricity!!

As we begin our new Science topic of Electricity for this made sense for the children to learn some key vocabulary........through P.E!

After we had learnt about the different types of electricity and categorised a variety of examples, it was only fitting to move all of our chairs and tables to create a large space in our classroom.....

The children had such an amazing time learning about the key vocabulary we will be using this fact every day since this activity, the children have wanted to do it over and over again!!

This is what we look like in the 'battery' pose!

This is a bulb!!

Wow!!! It was so much fun, all of the children are super excited to learn all about electricity!

Thanks for reading everyone :)

Happy blogging :)

Electricity Experts!!!!

This term we have been learning all about electricity. Specifically today, we have been looking at complete and incomplete circuits. After defining what each of these are, the children were then tasked to predict which circuits would light up a bulb. The main focus was prediction as I wanted them to use scientific vocabulary to explain why or why not.

Once all of the children have made their predictions, which we then discussed as a whole class which resulted in a fantastic scientific debate! The children were then tasked to create each of the circuits, to prove whether their prediction was correct.

We thrive in our class on working together as a team, listening to each others ideas, helping each other and respecting each others ideas....this task showed how well we do all of this!!!!

After building all of the circuits and writing explanations as to why they had not worked, the children were discussing why that one specific circuit had worked!

Here is a photo of one of the completed circuits. Our final lesson on electricity will be learning all about the scientific symbols we use!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Good morning SOUTH AFRICA!!!

Monkeys at exciting!!!!

What a fantastic way to start the day......walking through the hall seeing Mr Ward's face on a laptop screen and hearing how the children in South Africa had seen a hippo on their way to school that very morning!!!! I usually drive past Brixham Harbour on the way to school in the hope of seeing some sort of wildlife to start the day.....more often than not, it's a seagull or a pigeon!! Still waiting in hope to see a dolphin or a basking shark as I pass the harbour!! (One can only hope I guess!)

As a whole school, we all came into the hall to Skype Mr Ward on the big screen. Such a nice start to the day, seeing the teacher who has inspired so many children and staff at our school.....Seeing the children's faces light up when they saw him on screen! Particularly his class and mine who miss him more and more every day (so they tell me!)

We were lucky enough to talk to children from a school in South Africa, who told us so many interesting things. Lots of these were similar to our lives here, including: the subjects they learn about at school, wearing school uniform and clubs they are involved with after school. However, there were some differences too.....their school starts at 7am and they finish by 1.15pm because of how hot it is! According to Mr Ward, the temperature at the time of the Skype was nearly 40!!!!!

We also had the opportunity to ask the children questions which a large number of our children came up with!

Such a fantastic opportunity for every one in our school to be a part of! The children also gasped in amazement at how in South Africa, they quite often have monkeys in the lucky!!! Compared to our playtimes which usually consists of seagulls, seagulls and more seagulls.....oh and the odd pigeon!!!!

Anyway, thanks for an amazing morning Mr Ward....we are all looking forward to welcoming you back to school :) 

Safer Internet Day - 07.02.17

This is a day for everyone to get involved to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

For some people it is hard to remember what life was like before the internet......We would write letters to friends and family instead of sending emails! We would go to actual shops to buy what we needed! We would go to the library instead of accessing them as an e-book! We would buy the latest CD (or tape) they day it came out! As well as taking photos using a camera which required a film that we had to get developed!

After discussing what we all use the internet for....we focussed on photos, which included taking the photo, editing them, taking selfies and posting photos online. As my class never cease to amaze me.....they all mentioned the importance of asking for someone's permission. This was something we had a very lengthy discussion about as a whole class and in groups! We explored the positive and negative sides of using the internet!

In pairs, we discussed at length, different examples of good and bad sharing of photos whilst using the internet. Below shows some of the children's responses.......

According to research, nearly 3 million children and young people, on Tuesday, were learning about being safe and responsible when using the internet. It's very important and the children were so engaged whilst talking through the dangers and the awareness! 

Well done everyone :)

Friday, 3 February 2017

Let there be light........................

Light Bulbs, Batteries and Wires

After giving the children, the equipment to build a circuit......and no instructions on how to do it, as I wanted to see what methods they would use, as well as highlighting the importance of perseverance (as we always do!) The children were all fantastic at building the circuits, using the knowledge I had previously taught them....including conducting experiments, choosing variables and most importantly the safety aspects in relation to electricity!!

We were investigating which bulb would be the brightest...using 1, 2 or 3 bulbs, and using tracing paper to test the brightness!!

The children worked brilliantly as part of a team, they all successfully predicted and tested each circuit and had written the results of the experiment, coming to a variety of conclusions. A very successful science lesson.....once again, a very proud teacher!!!!

Bounce, Jump, Bounce, Jump!!!!!!

As we draw closer to the end of our Trampolining (sad face)....we have been lucky enough to not only be taught by Miss Moss (an expert in the art of trampolining), but two GSCE P.E. students at Brixham College.

Looking back to the very first week.....the majority of the children were anxious because they had only used the small trampolines which some of us have in our gardens. Comparing these to what they have at Brixham College......the main difference is that they are four times the size of what we have all used before!!!

After overcoming the first obstacle getting on the trampoline....something I'm still working on, as I am rather short!!!

It shows how much the children have learnt in such a short space of time, and their enthusiasm to want to be challenged, which Miss Moss is very good at by setting specific challenges each week.

I can't wait to see what challenges Miss Moss gives the children this week :)


We all absolutely love art in my's the perfect opportunity to be creative (even me), as well as being an outlet to express our feelings and emotions....however, it has taken a lot of perseverance for us all to get this far!!

As previously mentioned, we have been learning about Picasso. Not only can the children have discussions on Picasso's life as we have learnt a great deal about him, but they are also learning to draw in his style!

Even though all of the children love art, it has taken a long time for them to feel this way (a good example of our perseverance). Every member of the class has a variety of talents, and according to creative was not one of their talents! I soon proved this to be wrong!!!!

I gave them the example (real-life example), of me!!! I have never had the confidence to draw and would shy away from anything to do with art....yet on Friday afternoon I had a creative outburst and managed to draw my own Picasso style portrait. I asked the children what hobbies they knew I had....some which including playing sport, teaching and driving a yellow car!!!! None of which involved art! So I proved the point there and then.....that not only have I persevered with my drawing skills, but I used it as an opportunity to be creative. This gave the children such immense enthusiasm, that the concentration levels were so high! Being a Friday afternoon....after trampolining, usually the class is filled with excitement and constant chat! However this week was different, because they were all so completely focussed on their art as I inspired them to want to achieve!!!! (Such a proud teacher moment!!!)

As we are building up to drawing and painting our portraits....I will upload the finished photos as soon as they are completed!

Fantastic effort everyone :)

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Fraction Word Problems

Just to complicate matters a little bit more.....I decided to give my children some fraction word problems in Maths!

As a group of fantastic learners, the children all knew they were going to need a highlighter to help them pick out the important part of each word problem. Without even mentioning anything myself, all of the children were quick to ask for equipment to help them solve these problems.....such fantastic independent learners.

We even wrote our own fraction word problems for every one in the class to solve!

The photos show how not only do all of the children work so hard in all of their lessons, but considering they were worried about fractions to start with.....look at them now!!! I think they would be more than happy if we spent the rest of the year focussed on fractions!!