Friday, 3 February 2017


We all absolutely love art in my's the perfect opportunity to be creative (even me), as well as being an outlet to express our feelings and emotions....however, it has taken a lot of perseverance for us all to get this far!!

As previously mentioned, we have been learning about Picasso. Not only can the children have discussions on Picasso's life as we have learnt a great deal about him, but they are also learning to draw in his style!

Even though all of the children love art, it has taken a long time for them to feel this way (a good example of our perseverance). Every member of the class has a variety of talents, and according to creative was not one of their talents! I soon proved this to be wrong!!!!

I gave them the example (real-life example), of me!!! I have never had the confidence to draw and would shy away from anything to do with art....yet on Friday afternoon I had a creative outburst and managed to draw my own Picasso style portrait. I asked the children what hobbies they knew I had....some which including playing sport, teaching and driving a yellow car!!!! None of which involved art! So I proved the point there and then.....that not only have I persevered with my drawing skills, but I used it as an opportunity to be creative. This gave the children such immense enthusiasm, that the concentration levels were so high! Being a Friday afternoon....after trampolining, usually the class is filled with excitement and constant chat! However this week was different, because they were all so completely focussed on their art as I inspired them to want to achieve!!!! (Such a proud teacher moment!!!)

As we are building up to drawing and painting our portraits....I will upload the finished photos as soon as they are completed!

Fantastic effort everyone :)

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