Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Electricity Experts!!!!

This term we have been learning all about electricity. Specifically today, we have been looking at complete and incomplete circuits. After defining what each of these are, the children were then tasked to predict which circuits would light up a bulb. The main focus was prediction as I wanted them to use scientific vocabulary to explain why or why not.

Once all of the children have made their predictions, which we then discussed as a whole class which resulted in a fantastic scientific debate! The children were then tasked to create each of the circuits, to prove whether their prediction was correct.

We thrive in our class on working together as a team, listening to each others ideas, helping each other and respecting each others ideas....this task showed how well we do all of this!!!!

After building all of the circuits and writing explanations as to why they had not worked, the children were discussing why that one specific circuit had worked!

Here is a photo of one of the completed circuits. Our final lesson on electricity will be learning all about the scientific symbols we use!

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