Friday, 31 March 2017

Masterchef in the making.......

The Golden Hind Cake

Throughout this term, we have been learning all about Sir Francis Drake and his circumnavigation around the world. This has included, learning what life would have been like sailing around the world, what food they would eat and whether or not we thought Sir Francis Drake was a pirate.

Today, Anton came to school with a fantastic surprise.....he had made a Golden Hind Cake....WOW!!!

We all had some of the cake, which was absolutely delicious......thank you so much Anton, we all loved it!

What a perfect way to end our topic this term :)

Sir Francis Drake....our class video

For the past term, our topic has been about Sir Francis Drake. We have learnt a lot about him and his adventures! We have also been creating a presentation on him in Computing using Keynote in our Computing lesson with Ms Fellowes. We were put into groups had a section of his life to do a video presentation using the green screen. The sub-headings we were given were; the Introduction, Birth and Early Life, Life as a Slave Trader, Being a Privateer, The Spanish Armada, Circumnavigating the world, The Golden Hind and last but not least - Later Life and DEATH!!!

We have all worked extremely hard, from the research stage, right up to the final day of filming!

Friday, 24 March 2017

Red Nose Day - Time for some cake!

As part of Red Nose Day at school, lots of our children had made some cakes, and it was now time to sell them.......

It was a fantastic morning and we were all having so much fun, raising lots of money for a very important cause.

Keep checking back on our website to see how much money we have raised today!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Stars of the Week 17.03.17

This week, my two 'Stars of the Week' were Anton and Jasmine.....massive well done to both of you!

Jasmine will always work exceptionally hard in every single subject, and she has shown massive improvement in her confidence in Maths.

Anton always has a fantastic attitude towards his learning, he is a natural mathematician and has a flare for Science. He also introduced our class showcase perfectly in front of all of our parents

Well done both of you!!!

Class Showcase Part 3 - What the children thought.......

On Friday, I asked all of the children in the class to write their own blog about our showcase....below is what they all came up with......

"All of the parents were thinking the showcase was really good and EVERYONE remembered their lines!" Written by Ayla.

"Our awesome show case was on Thursday afternoon, I loved it all, but mostly enjoyed the poetry and drama!" Written by Emma.

"Our class showcase was awesome. It took place on Thursday. The whole class got to show all of our books and the marble runs." Written by Luke.

"Lots of parents and family members came to our showcase. Everyone knew their lines and it was epic!!" Written by Evie.

"I'm glad we had our showcase because I like doing plays in front of lots of people. I was worried and scared, but I stood out there and did my very best. I'm so happy my dad came and some of the parents said I was awesome!" Written by Daisy.

"This was our first class showcase with Miss Shears and it was THE BEST EVER!" Written by Saul.

"We had practised poetry and a drama production. It was so much fun!" Written by Kane.

"We each got a part in our show, and I got to introduce the marble runs because I was in the team that cam 2nd in the whole school." Written by Charlie.

"We spoke about the marble runs, read our poetry, had quotes written all over the classroom and got to do a drama performance." Written by Jasmine.

"It was very funny on the drama part because my little sister kept saying my name whilst I was performing, which made me laugh (and everyone else!)" Written by Emelia.

"The class showcase was epic and funny. We got to show our marble runs to our family." Written by Erika.

"We got to show what we have been learning about this year to our parents. It was so much fun!" Written by Calum.

"The showcase was AMAZING! I think we are all very talented in Miss Shears' Class." Written by Yoyo.

"The showcase went really well, it was great and we all enjoyed it!" Written by Lucas.

"My favourite part of the showcase was seeing how happy all of the parents were to see how hard we have been working in class." Written by Jude.

"It was really cool, because our parents got to see what we have been doing." Written by Helena.

"We all hid in the resource room and came out one by one to show our work. We did drama, poetry and showed our parents our work." Written by Kian.

"We did a drama production of Sir Francis Drake's life. I had the part of showing a quote that I had written." Written by Anya.

"We showed our parents, our fabulous showcase. The feeling of standing at the front informing our parents of the awesome things we have been doing for the last few months, was a feeling of PRIDE!" Written by Sophia.

"We were very confident when it was the actual day of the showcase." Written by Ciaran.

"We all had a part and we managed to put it together to create an awesome showcase!" Written by Dolly.

"It was fantastic as everyone got their lines correct and the drama production was GREAT!" Written by Anton.

"It was so much fun. I had two parts and was very proud of myself and the whole class." Written by Oscar.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Let the show begin........Showcase Part 1

After all of our hard work over the past two was now the day of our class showcase! Lots of mixed emotions this morning when the children arrived, already wanting to practise their lines and their performance! It was such an exciting day, and we all came together to help make sure our performance was ready and the classroom was all set up for parents to arrive!

Once we had finished our usual morning learning, and had all eaten our lunch, the nerves definitely started to show! However, as soon as the parents had arrived and had sat down (whilst we were hiding in the resource room), the children showed me how amazing they all are and that they were ready to let the show begin........

I think maybe the nervous feeling has gone!!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Monday Maths Madness

What better way to start a Monday morning than with some Maths! As we started our new Maths topic today (measurement), I thought it would be a good idea to begin with using metre sticks and tape measures to not only measure the height of each other, but to measure objects in and around my classroom!

The vocabulary the children were using was amazing, we had very accurate estimations for each of our height, as well as comparing height to one another and working out the different between the tallest and the shortest with some addition and subtraction and using the inverse to check that we were correct.

What a fabulous start to the week :)

Friday, 10 March 2017

SCIENCE WEEK - Last minute changes!

As the children began to arrive this morning, they all began to make some final changes and improvements to their marble runs in preparation for me to time them!

It was complete Friday morning chaos, with marbles rolling everywhere, cardboard still being cut and shaped, as well as so much tape being used to ensure the entire run would stay together!

Such a fantastic effort by everyone to ensure the marble runs were ready by 9.20am for me to time!

Keep checking back to see the winners :)

SCIENCE WEEK - Challenge Time!!!

Well the day has finally arrived for the competition.......

Walking into my classroom this morning and seeing all of the marble runs (still standing) and ready for the challenge!

I will post an update later on to let you all know the results :)

Have a brilliant day, happy blogging :)

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

SCIENCE WEEK - Coming together beautifully!!!

As Wednesday is our designated day for our Science, the children were able to spend some time again this afternoon on their 'Keepy Uppy Challenge.'

We had a quick recap on the importance of teamwork, overcoming problems and how we can start to test our marble runs.

Once the children gathered all of their materials again, and I spent time carrying 6 marble runs from variety of places in our classroom....the building began again!!

This afternoon, the children were praised by several staff members on how well they were all engaged in the activity, their improvements to the team work, and the ways in which they were supporting and helping each other. Such a proud teacher moment (whilst ignoring the mess in my classroom!!!!)
The children have taken my enthusiasm for the challenge (not that I am competitive or anything), but they have turned it into something so special, that I can just stand in my classroom and smile at how amazing each and every single one of them are!!!

Well done everyone :)

Living in a 'material world' - SCIENCE WEEK

As part of our science topic this term (and in line with Science Week), we have been learning about the properties of materials.

This was an exciting concept for the children to really think about the different materials we use, either in our classroom or at home. The children were then tasked to name as many different materials which we used to create a bank of ideas!

After this discussion I gave the children a variety of objects where they had to discuss the material and why it has been chosen. This was the perfect chance for the children to extend their vocabulary as part of our science learning.

The children were then tasked to play the 20 questions game in pairs and to see if they could guess the material. This was such a fantastic opportunity for the children to ask some simple questions to find our further information.

Examples of some of the questions were :
1) Is it transparent?
2) Is it translucent?
3) Is it opaque?
4) Is it hard?
5) Is it soft?
6) Is it smooth?
7) Is it rough?
8) Is it flammable?

Once the children had a variety of chances to take part in this activity, I then set them up against different pairs in the classroom.

Considering how technical some of the vocabulary we have been using today as well as it  being completely new vocabulary, the children really excelled themselves to discuss the properties of different materials. Now that we have this knowledge, we will be doing an keep checking back on the blog to see how we investigate materials.

Happy blogging :)

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Science Week - Carry on building!!! SCIENCE WEEK

Today, the children had the opportunity to continue building their marble runs in the afternoon. We discussed how we have all made the base and what we need to do next.

One huge learning curve the children are improving, is that of TEAMWORK! It was evident to begin with that sharing ideas and discussing these to come to a conclusion was rather difficult.....however, as we have now had a lot of practise, the children are fantastic at working as a team, as well as identifying how teamwork was their main problem in which they needed to overcome.

The photos below show the progress the children have made with their marble runs......

Just look at all of that teamwork the children are expressing........WOW!!!!!

It was an amazing sight to see every single child working as part of a team, helping to build the different parts of the marble run, and ensuring they were all learning by discussing the different materials to slow the marble down!

Fantastic effort everyone :)

Monday, 6 March 2017

Science Week - Mountain of Materials

Well, it was a nice surprise to walk into my classroom this morning and see what I can only describe as a 'mountain of materials!' The children (and of course their parents), did a fantastic job at gathering a wide variety of materials to use for our Keepy Uppy Challenge. We have kitchen roll tubes, cardboard boxes, straws, yoghurt pots, tin foil, foam cups and so much more that this blog will be too long if I list all of it! Thank you so much to everyone who brought something in.....we've had a fantastic start to our science week.

This afternoon....we started to build our marble runs! After wide discussion on how to do particular aspects of the run, the children were set off with all of their materials. It was so much fun to watch how well the children were working together as a group, listening to each others ideas, working together to hold parts of the run, as well as mastering that difficult task of finding the end of the selloptape!!

Remember though....this is only stage 1 of the challenge, so as we add to it each day, we will be able to see their progression and how amazing the designs will well as hopefully winning the challenge!

Remember to keep checking our blog every day to see what else the children have added to their marble runs!

Happy blogging :)