Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Science Week - Carry on building!!! SCIENCE WEEK

Today, the children had the opportunity to continue building their marble runs in the afternoon. We discussed how we have all made the base and what we need to do next.

One huge learning curve the children are improving, is that of TEAMWORK! It was evident to begin with that sharing ideas and discussing these to come to a conclusion was rather difficult.....however, as we have now had a lot of practise, the children are fantastic at working as a team, as well as identifying how teamwork was their main problem in which they needed to overcome.

The photos below show the progress the children have made with their marble runs......

Just look at all of that teamwork the children are expressing........WOW!!!!!

It was an amazing sight to see every single child working as part of a team, helping to build the different parts of the marble run, and ensuring they were all learning by discussing the different materials to slow the marble down!

Fantastic effort everyone :)

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