Wednesday, 8 March 2017

SCIENCE WEEK - Coming together beautifully!!!

As Wednesday is our designated day for our Science, the children were able to spend some time again this afternoon on their 'Keepy Uppy Challenge.'

We had a quick recap on the importance of teamwork, overcoming problems and how we can start to test our marble runs.

Once the children gathered all of their materials again, and I spent time carrying 6 marble runs from variety of places in our classroom....the building began again!!

This afternoon, the children were praised by several staff members on how well they were all engaged in the activity, their improvements to the team work, and the ways in which they were supporting and helping each other. Such a proud teacher moment (whilst ignoring the mess in my classroom!!!!)
The children have taken my enthusiasm for the challenge (not that I am competitive or anything), but they have turned it into something so special, that I can just stand in my classroom and smile at how amazing each and every single one of them are!!!

Well done everyone :)

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