Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Where did the Vikings come from?

An important questions, asked by one of our children, was....where did the Vikings come from?

In order to answer this question, it was the perfect time to introduce the use of an atlas. We identified the continents and the countries in which the Vikings came from, as well as the different parts of the UK in which they settled.

All of the children were brilliant at using the atlases to identify continents, oceans, and countries, as well as some of the children trying to work out how long it would take for the Vikings to row the distance to where they settled.

We ended the lesson on.....Why did they settle here in the UK? (perfect preparation for our next lesson)

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Viking Shields

We have all designed a variety of different Viking style shields this week, including different shapes and patterns as well as the use of different colours.

We spent the afternoon drawing our designs and then painting, including mixing colours together to create our warrior shields.

The children all worked extremely hard to make sure their shields were similar to that of some Viking artefacts we have researched and looked at.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Introducing BEOWULF!

For the next few weeks, our narrative is that of the Viking saga : Beowulf.

After taking our time looking at the front cover of the book, and predicting what we think the story Beowulf is about, as well as trying to answer the question of : Who was Beowulf?

We read the story together, and once we sequenced it together again, retelling in pairs and small groups, we created freeze frames to help us remember the key parts of the story.

Paragraph 1 -

Paragraph 2 -

Paragraph 3 -

Paragraph 4 -

Paragraph 5 -

Paragraph 6 -

The children have all worked extremely hard today in our English lesson. We will continue to use these freeze frames to help us retell the story, building up to our big write on Friday.

Happy blogging everyone :)

Retelling the story of Beowulf

As part of our Literacy learning, we are reading the story : Beowulf. It is a Viking Saga, which links to our topic of Raids and Invasions.

The children were introduced to the story today, and after creating freeze frames, the children were tasked to retell the story in pairs, in groups of four and with half of a whole class. It was very interesting to listen to their retelling, as the concentration levels were at an all time high, as they were all so intrigued to ensure they include as much of the story, including all of the key points and events.

The children are all very excited to be writing their own mini-saga this half term, they have already been suggesting a variety of new characters and new settings to include...such fun!!

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Tennis festival at Brixham College

What a perfect way to start our P.E. this term, by having a sports festival. It's the time of the year when we can be outside using our school field so much more (fingers crossed for the weather to stay on our side,) which means we will be learning about a variety of different summer sports including: rounders, cricket, tri-golf, athletics and tennis. Today we were lucky enough to be part of a tennis festival at Brixham College. From the moment the children arrived to school this morning, every conversation proved how excited they were to play tennis in the afternoon. Many children have not played tennis before, and others were ecstatic because it was their favourite sport.

Once we arrived at the college, we separated into three groups and were allocated some sports leaders who led us to our first activities, and stayed with us throughout the afternoon.

The children learnt how to hold a tennis racket correctly, including when performing a forehand and a backhand volley or a drive.

We learnt the importance of striking the ball with control (so that it didn't end up in the car park or in the hedge!)

As well as learning some key skills of volleying the tennis ball, and hitting it in a particular direction. We took part in a variety of drills where we had to hit the ball to a partner who would catch the ball and throw it back. As well as learning some of the rules of tennis, including only allowing the ball to bounce once...which turned out to be quite tricky!

Such a fantastic afternoon, all of the children had a brilliant time, and are even more excited to start our summer term P.E. tomorrow afternoon, which of course will be tennis...and I'm sure we can find some Wimbledon champions at our school.

Have a lovely evening everyone :) Happy blogging :)

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Preparing for battle......

As our topic this term is Vikings, we are going to have a Viking style 'dodgeball battle' towards the end of the summer term with Mr Ward's class. This will also include a Viking Day (details to be sent out soon.)

In preparation, today we have been painting our own Viking shields (for display), which is also a chance for the children to explore the different colours which were used, taking their time to design and paint their shield as well as using a variety of art related skills, including mixing to get the colour they so very wished for.

I will post photos of the completed shields tomorrow (once they are all dry and up on display)

Such a fantastic fisrt day back, all of us are extremely excited for this term.

Happy blogging everyone :)

It's Summer Time.........

Our first blog of the summer term is to welcome every one back to school, and we hope you have all had a fantastic Easter break.

This term, our topic is : Raids and Invasions. This is based around the Vikings. We will be exploring who the Vikings were, where they came from, writing our own mini saga's, creating a Viking animation, as well as all of the other wonderful things we do here at Furzeham.

We have already discussed together as a class, all of the things we are looking forward to this term, most of which relate to being outside in the sunshine....nevertheless, all of the children are excited to be starting our new narrative in English, as well as progressing even higher in our Maths with lots of reasoning and problem solving!

Welcome back everyone, we hope you all have an amazing Summer term, remember to keep checking back at our blog to see all the wonderful activities and fantastic learning we have been doing!