Thursday, 25 May 2017

Viking Saga - time to retell!

As part of our topic learning: Vikings...this week we have written our very own Viking Saga. However, each group had a set of rules for their saga! For group had to have their saga to be 50 words exactly and to include a relative clause. Another group had to be as close to 50 words as possible and to include possessive apostrophes, and the final group had to include as many different sub-ordinating conjunctions.

The children thoroughly enjoyed this task, and they had the freedom to write about anything, as long as they kept with the rules for their group.

Once every one had finished their saga, and had peer marked each saga to recommend was time to retell them in true Viking style.

We sat in our groups (in a circle, with an imaginary fire pit in the middle), and began to tell the group our sagas.

I then moved children from one group to another, and they had to retell the saga that they had previously been told. The children found it hilarious when we were retelling to a new group as it was proving difficult to remember.....but this did prove my point of how over time these Viking Sagas have changed!

Fantastic effort everyone :)

Tennis professionals :)

Every week, the children in our class, are always so excited to take part in our PE learning, specifically asking for me to look after their tennis racquets (which at one point this week, I had 5 next to my desk!)

As we have learnt all the main shots in tennis, it was time to learn how to score.....which can be a rather difficult part of tennis...however the children were amazing at it. They were constantly asking questions, and checking with me that they were scoring correctly.

After introducing and explaining the score, as well as having a demonstration by myself playing against Charlie using the scoring system....the children were put in pairs to play some doubles matches. As this was the first time most of them had used the points, we took it nice and slow, until I explained another rule f one player serving for the whole game and their points come first.

The children were all brilliant, they all remembered the key skills we have been learning the last few weeks, including: the forehand and backhand drives, the volley, the serve, their footwork, the lob and the ready position. We did have quite a lot of competition out on the playground this afternoon, and it was amazing to see how well the children were playing!

We had some fantastic shots by several children, including Kane who performed the perfect forehand drive, Oscar who tried to 'lob' his opposition, Yoyo who was playing very defensively and hitting lots of volleys over the net successfully, Daisy who learnt the scoring system for the first time, and Saul who was playing out every single shot made, making sure he won the point.

A huge thank you to Harriet, our photographer, who has taken some amazing photos of our PE lesson today.

After half term, we will be taking part in a whole class tournament, which the children have all agreed on and expressed how much fun this would be.

Have a good evening everyone :)

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Longship Art - Part 3 - even more..........

Here are the final pieces of Viking Art.....

I can't even begin to describe how proud I am of each and every of you.....WELL DONE!!!!!!

Longship Art - Part 3 - The finished piece.....continued

Here are some more of our Viking Longship works of Art.........

Longship Art - Part 3 - The finished piece!!

Such a fantastic afternoon today in our Art learning! Most weeks, the children usually shy away from expressing themselves through Art...however, today they all absolutely amazed me with their final work! I am super proud of every child in my class today.....they are really showing me their developing passion for art.

They are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!

Athletics Club - Week 3

We have been lucky enough to use the field today as part of Athletics club. The sun was shining, water bottles were filled up, and everyone had their sunglasses on!

We began the club with some sprint training, making sure we were all using the correct technique, which includes moving our arms and keeping our heads up!

During the warm up, myself and several other children had the task of setting the hurdles up....which after the first explanation, they are all complete experts in this fine art!

The first task was to ensure the children understood and could practise the technique of jumping over the hurdles, whilst at the same time ensuring they were still running as fast as they could. After several practise runs, the children were put into teams to start some hurdle racing.....let the games begin!

The children proved that they were excellent listeners and took on board everything I was telling them in order to become a successful hurdler! Definitely some Olympic athletes at our school. The children even began to set their own targets and asked for the hurdles to be at their highest point, which was definitely a challenge.....but every one was successful!

The next part of Athletics was to learn how to javelin....taking into consideration the wind as well!! The children all practised the correct grip and demonstrated an excellent standing technique. It was explained to them how a lot of the power is coming from their legs all the way up through to their arms.

We had some very talented javelin throwing this week, and all of the children were able to ensure they perfected the technique. I then allowed them to have a short run (up to the line), to see if it made a difference to their distance...however, this in some cases proved to be the unsuccessful as the children were forgetting to throw it!

An excellent club this week, on the next session, we will be practising every thing we have learnt so far in preparation for Sports Day, as well as the Mini-Olympic event I will be organising for the Athletics club members. Fantastic effort everyone, well done :)

Longship Art - Part 2

Here come the pastels......

For the next stage....the children were given the pastels, and we had lots of discussion about the importance of detail, and how we use the pastels effectively.

This is the exciting stage, how the children all show me their creative side! Check back for the final stage.

Longship Art - Part 1

This afternoon, we have been doing some Art...some Viking Art! The children were tasked with creating their very own Viking Longship Art.

I showed the children an example, we looked at the colours, the detail and the techniques which I had used, and then we began the planning stage!

Fantastic levels of concentration by everyone! Check back to see the next stage :)

Monday, 22 May 2017

ICT is the best!

After all of the excitement from the 'Furzeham's Got Talent' auditions, the children were still extremely focused for our afternoon learning.

We were continuing with our animation as part of ICT topic and the children continued to amaze me.......

Even though making our own animation may sound simple, it really is not, because of the detailed movements the children are having to ensure their play-doh characters make!

Everyone is my class is so creative when it comes to ICT (whether they believe this or not, is another story!!!) They have all worked extremely hard on their backgrounds, and making changes to their characters and ensuring that their animations are in line with their story-planning boards.

It is always so much fun observing the children, and listening to their conversations about the animation app, as well as which parts of the story they need to animate. Of course though, the best part is how the children are discussing how their character should be moved to ensure it shows the best possible movement to represent the story.

We are all so excited for the final animations...still a few weeks to go yet, as after half term, we will be self and peer-assessing to ensure we all create the best ever animations that we possibly can!

Happy blogging everyone :)