Monday, 22 May 2017

ICT is the best!

After all of the excitement from the 'Furzeham's Got Talent' auditions, the children were still extremely focused for our afternoon learning.

We were continuing with our animation as part of ICT topic and the children continued to amaze me.......

Even though making our own animation may sound simple, it really is not, because of the detailed movements the children are having to ensure their play-doh characters make!

Everyone is my class is so creative when it comes to ICT (whether they believe this or not, is another story!!!) They have all worked extremely hard on their backgrounds, and making changes to their characters and ensuring that their animations are in line with their story-planning boards.

It is always so much fun observing the children, and listening to their conversations about the animation app, as well as which parts of the story they need to animate. Of course though, the best part is how the children are discussing how their character should be moved to ensure it shows the best possible movement to represent the story.

We are all so excited for the final animations...still a few weeks to go yet, as after half term, we will be self and peer-assessing to ensure we all create the best ever animations that we possibly can!

Happy blogging everyone :)

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