Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Athletics Club - Week 2

Due to the typical British weather......athletics club was relocated this week...inside the school hall!

Nonetheless, the children still had a brilliant session learning about the relay (using professional batons), practising their two-footed jump, as well as showing off their sprint technique with a huge emphasis on stamina and endurance.

The children were tasked with several different sprint races (all working in small teams), which we then moved onto the relay race! Considering the space (as we are usually on the field), the children were fantastic, and showed me how fast they could all run - as well as making sure they didn't drop the baton!

The children were all able to demonstrate the perfect handover of the baton, and still continue to sprint as fast as they could! (Some future Usain Bolt's I think!!!)

As part of sports day, one of the activities is that of the "two-footed jump." Last week we practised the long jump and the triple jump, therefore the children had all been able to show the perfect technique for their jumps. Just to make it slightly more interesting, the children we tasked with practising their two-footed jumps, whilst at the same time, dodging all of the equipment I had placed out on the floor.

Such fantastic effort had by all.....and we are looking forward to next week where we will be learning all about hurdles and possibly the javelin!

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