Thursday, 25 May 2017

Viking Saga - time to retell!

As part of our topic learning: Vikings...this week we have written our very own Viking Saga. However, each group had a set of rules for their saga! For group had to have their saga to be 50 words exactly and to include a relative clause. Another group had to be as close to 50 words as possible and to include possessive apostrophes, and the final group had to include as many different sub-ordinating conjunctions.

The children thoroughly enjoyed this task, and they had the freedom to write about anything, as long as they kept with the rules for their group.

Once every one had finished their saga, and had peer marked each saga to recommend was time to retell them in true Viking style.

We sat in our groups (in a circle, with an imaginary fire pit in the middle), and began to tell the group our sagas.

I then moved children from one group to another, and they had to retell the saga that they had previously been told. The children found it hilarious when we were retelling to a new group as it was proving difficult to remember.....but this did prove my point of how over time these Viking Sagas have changed!

Fantastic effort everyone :)

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