Friday, 5 May 2017

Who would like to play a round of golf?

This week, as part of our PE learning, we had been preparing all day to take part and learn more about tennis.....however, there was one minor problem! The tennis racquets had disappeared!! Well, when I say disappeared, they were actually being used by Mr Bennett's class on the field. Not a problem though, because the children were more than enthusiastic to learn how to play tri-golf.

An important aspect was that of safety, which I explicitly explained over and over again, to ensure every one knew how serious I was - I did give a real life example of how a few years ago, I was accidentally hit in the face with a plastic golf club, and I expressed how I did not want this to happen to anyone!!

The children all listened exceptionally well, as we discussed the different types of clubs and got used to the grip and learnt how to hold the club itself. After several practise swings, the children all performed brilliantly and really seemed to enjoy learning about golf (for some, this was their very first time playing the sport!)

It was fantastic to see all of the children, not only learning a new sport, but continuing their enthusiasm for tennis but transferring it into their golf learning. We all thoroughly enjoyed playing golf this afternoon, and have agreed together to play some more during the second part of the summer term. Fantastic effort everyone, well done :)

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