Friday, 30 June 2017


As some of the children were out practising for the KS2 Production, we still continued with P.E., however instead of the tennis tournament, we did a spot of rounders. Some of the children had never played this before, so a quick introduction to the rules, positions and the aim of the game....and then they were off in two teams, getting ready to play!

We decided to play 'non stop' rounders, and the children all had so much fun, learning a new sport, and trying to get each other out!

We had some fantastic batting and fielding skills....excellent effort by everyone, well done :)

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Painting for the show......

As you all know, we are all getting ready for the end of year production of The Little Mermaid. As part of this, our class have been tasked to draw and paint a variety of the props (I'm not going to give away exactly what they are just yet) The children worked together in pairs to add detail and to then start painting, making sure we were all using very bright colours so that they would all stand out whilst up on the stage.

Remember to purchase tickets for the show, it will be AMAZING!!! Tickets are available to buy before and after school.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Viking Runes

Towards the end of the day on Wednesday, we began to look at how the Vikings would communicate and how they would write....which was linked to the historical evidence which has been found. The children learnt all about Viking Runes, and we discussed how some of the letters actually looked similar to that of our alphabet.

The children were then tasked to write their name, school, favourite sport, favourite fruit, and future Viking Runes!

The children worked exceptionally hard to make sure they were using the correct Runes (some of which looked extremely similar to others). Tomorrow's task is to write their own message in Runes and have some one else in the class to decode very exciting :)

Friday, 23 June 2017

Stars of the Week 23.06.17

This week, we have celebrated two fantastic children receiving the 'Star of the Week' award. They have both worked exceptionally hard since being at our school, they are dedicated to their learning, and are always looking for ways to challenge them-selves.

Our first star of the week was for Lucas.....he has a fantastic attitude to his learning, specifically in Maths, where he produced fantastic results on his arithmetic assessment. Well done Lucas :)

Our second star of the week, was for Millie....who is an absolute pleasure to teach, she works exceptionally hard in all lessons, is very kind and supportive, and above all, she has settled in beautifully to life at Furzeham! Well done Millie :)

Well done guys....we are all very proud of you!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Emelia and Chelsea's charity car wash day

On Saturday my cousin Chelsea and I did a charity car wash for The Haven - Paignton for homeless people who my mum does charity work for.  We started by advertising what we were doing and posted flyers to our neighbourhood.

On Saturday, we were waiting excitedly for cars to arrive. We were so excited because we had our first car - it was a white car. Mum turned the hose pipe on for us and when we finished cleaning it, the lady gave us some money for our collection tub! Soon after that, another car came and gave us some big yorkies. We cleaned one taxi - was it the DIRTIEST car we washed all day? Yes it was!

When we washed the taxi all our sponges went black! Myself, Chelsea and Chelsea's sister Lola had a brilliant time and we managed to raise £100 for the homeless.

by Emelia

Wow....well done Emelia...such a fantastic achievement! We are all very proud of you :)

Friday, 16 June 2017

Science - our habitat project

As part of our Science learning (Living things and their habitats), we have explored the different types of habitats around our local area, as well as different habitats across the entire world. The children then had the opportunity to choose a habitat and create a booklet all about it. This included the different types of animals we can find, the size of the habitat and lots of pictures (all beautifully drawn by the children).

All of the children had a specific checklist of what they needed to include, which also involved a range of punctuation and grammar....something which every one in our class enjoy showing off what they know, especially the more complicated aspects of grammar! Well done everyone :)

Monday, 12 June 2017

Animation - almost finished!

We have all been working extremely hard on our ICT Animations this term. Today, I had the chance to watch as many as I could - and all I can say is.....WOW!!! They are fantastic! Every single child in our class, have worked so hard to ensure their animation is the best it can be, making sure they keep their backgrounds, and are taking as many photos as possible in order for it be an effective animation!

We then began to peer assess each others animation, which is something we will continue in our next ICT lesson. As well making sure we upload our animations on the blog so that we share with everyone :)

Friday, 9 June 2017

Fun at the fayre!

Today we had our annual Furzeham Primary School Summer Fayre! The children were excited all throughout the day, as were we! The anticipation of spending Friday afternoon eating cakes, jumping on the bouncy castle, and buying lots of tickets to win some raffle prizes!

                                                 We had a police van which we could go in!

                                                  Some absolutely lush ice-cream with sprinkles!

It looks like everyone is having an amazing time!!!

               Sumo wrestling, which was without a doubt, one of the funniest things I have seen!

A huge thank you to the PTA, who organised such a fantastic fayre, and raised lots of money for our school!

Wake and Shake - Friday 09.06.17

What better way to start the school day, than to have a go at some 'wake and shake'!!!

It's such fun, going out onto the playground, and seeing a huge number of children, adults and teachers taking part in our weekly wake and shake. The children are always extremely excited and show excellent dedication.

We all have so much fun doing this, and it's an excellent start to our school day! See you all next week everyone :)  

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Our AMAZING Viking art!

As promised in several of our previous blogs, here is a photo of our amazing Viking Longship display.

The children all worked extremely hard on their artwork and are also very proud of what they have produced! Nearly as proud as I am!!

We are now in the process of displaying the other works of Art in and around the rest of our classroom. Have a lovely evening everyone! Happy blogging!

Superstar spellers

This week, as part of our spelling, the children have been learning to spell words with the 's' sound spelt 'sc'

They have all amazed me at how dedicated they are to their spelling, as well as understanding the spelling rule I am teaching them!

Once we played a game of hangman to be introduced to the new words, the children were tasked with practising to spell these words using their favourite spelling strategy, whether this is to write the words in bubble writing, as a pyramid or even using different colours for each letter.

Such fantastic effort by all children, I am looking forward to testing them at some point this week!