Thursday, 22 June 2017

Emelia and Chelsea's charity car wash day

On Saturday my cousin Chelsea and I did a charity car wash for The Haven - Paignton for homeless people who my mum does charity work for.  We started by advertising what we were doing and posted flyers to our neighbourhood.

On Saturday, we were waiting excitedly for cars to arrive. We were so excited because we had our first car - it was a white car. Mum turned the hose pipe on for us and when we finished cleaning it, the lady gave us some money for our collection tub! Soon after that, another car came and gave us some big yorkies. We cleaned one taxi - was it the DIRTIEST car we washed all day? Yes it was!

When we washed the taxi all our sponges went black! Myself, Chelsea and Chelsea's sister Lola had a brilliant time and we managed to raise £100 for the homeless.

by Emelia

Wow....well done Emelia...such a fantastic achievement! We are all very proud of you :)

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