Thursday, 21 September 2017

Map skills at Berry Head

We have been lucky enough to be the class chosen to be part of some extra PE learning with Brixham College. This involved going to Berry Head and learning how to use a map, and finding different items around Berry Head.

We were all ready to go after being separated into teams of 4 and our first task was to follow the instructions on a map to create a face using a range of equipment.........

We then were explained the different parts of a map we will be looking at, and were shown the part of Berry Head we will be going to......then the children and their group leader were set off to complete the task and collect each item.

Such a brilliant morning, everyone enjoyed doing it and we all learned how to read a map correctly using the different features.

Super effort everyone :) well done!!!!

Monday, 11 September 2017

The beginning of our topic: Ancient Greece

Today, as part of our English learning (linked with our topic), we began to read the story of Perseus and Medusa. 

The children were so excited to begin our new topic (big thanks to our story teller), and were looking forward to hearing about this legend of a story.

After we discussed the different characters we met, and the basic structure of the story, I divided the class into groups and asked them all to create 'freeze frames' for each part of the story.

 The children were able to retell the story using a variety of different freeze frames (they all had so much fun as well!)

After the freeze frame activity, the children were then asked to retell the story in their groups, however, they were only allowed to whisper. This meant that they had to work as a team, and had to listen really carefully to each other to keep up with the story.

Such fantastic learning by all of the children. We are all already looking forward to tomorrow's lesson where we will be creating our very own story maps based on Perseus and Medusa!

Thanks for reading. Happy blogging everyone :) 

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Teamwork - Tower Building

As we are a new class, it is very important that we learn and improve our teamwork skills. After the children defining what teamwork is (some fantastic explanations from the children), we all went on to the playground and were given a teamwork task......"To build the tallest tower using sports equipment"

After separating the children into teams, and having a discussion on the rules for the task, the children were given their equipment (each team had the same), and they began to think and discuss how they were going to build a tower together. There were some excellent initial ideas, and methods....the children were soon enough all working together to try and build a tower.

 Each team realised that they were going to have to listen to each other and then 'try out' the ideas, as well as make small changes to their tower. As a class, we all understand the importance of working together and in a real life situation the children came to several conclusions.....
1) We needed to listen to each other
2) We needed to accept the different ideas
3) We needed to make sure we all helped and shared during the building part
4) We needed to make sure we did not argue

All of these very valid points which the children came up with on their own (such a proud teacher moment)

As we came to the end of our teamwork lesson.....the children were all excited to hear who won!!! I answered their questions with....EVERY TEAM WON!!! After a few confused looks, one of the children stood up and told the whole class "we all won because we all managed to work together." This was exactly my point of the lesson. The children all collected the equipment, lined up, and walked back into our class feeling exceptionally proud that they have been able to work together with children (some of which they have only just met this week!)

As an extremely proud teacher, I awarded my class with a 'whole class reward' for their hard work and determination in this lesson, as it was not an easy task, but they proved to me that they are all up for challenges, as well as enjoyed working together.

Well done everyone :) 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Welcome to Miss Shears' Class

A new school year, a new classroom, a new teacher and a new topic! 
We are all extremely excited to be starting a new year at Furzeham Primary School.
This week in my class, we have been working exceptionally hard on getting to know each other, as well as making some fantastic 'Me Mobiles' for our classroom display.
These photos show one of our pre-tasks to think of words which describe our personality........

We all wrote as many different words on post-it notes to describe our personality, and then looked around at everyone else's to see if we could add any more to our collection.
Some of the words included: funny, hardworking, kind, caring, hilarious, brave and sporty.
This photo shows Louie working very hard on his 'personality swirl'........

We will share another blog of our 'Me Mobiles' when they are finally finished. 

Thank you for checking our blog, keep looking back to all of the exciting things we do here in Miss Shears' Class.

Happy blogging :)