Monday, 11 September 2017

The beginning of our topic: Ancient Greece

Today, as part of our English learning (linked with our topic), we began to read the story of Perseus and Medusa. 

The children were so excited to begin our new topic (big thanks to our story teller), and were looking forward to hearing about this legend of a story.

After we discussed the different characters we met, and the basic structure of the story, I divided the class into groups and asked them all to create 'freeze frames' for each part of the story.

 The children were able to retell the story using a variety of different freeze frames (they all had so much fun as well!)

After the freeze frame activity, the children were then asked to retell the story in their groups, however, they were only allowed to whisper. This meant that they had to work as a team, and had to listen really carefully to each other to keep up with the story.

Such fantastic learning by all of the children. We are all already looking forward to tomorrow's lesson where we will be creating our very own story maps based on Perseus and Medusa!

Thanks for reading. Happy blogging everyone :) 

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