Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Welcome to Miss Shears' Class

A new school year, a new classroom, a new teacher and a new topic! 
We are all extremely excited to be starting a new year at Furzeham Primary School.
This week in my class, we have been working exceptionally hard on getting to know each other, as well as making some fantastic 'Me Mobiles' for our classroom display.
These photos show one of our pre-tasks to think of words which describe our personality........

We all wrote as many different words on post-it notes to describe our personality, and then looked around at everyone else's to see if we could add any more to our collection.
Some of the words included: funny, hardworking, kind, caring, hilarious, brave and sporty.
This photo shows Louie working very hard on his 'personality swirl'........

We will share another blog of our 'Me Mobiles' when they are finally finished. 

Thank you for checking our blog, keep looking back to all of the exciting things we do here in Miss Shears' Class.

Happy blogging :) 

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