Friday, 20 October 2017

Limericks - Practise Time

All week we have been planning, writing and learning our very own limericks as part of our English learning. We also discussed the key aspects of a good performance. As it was an absolutely gorgeous day, we decided to go outside onto the lower playground to allow the children to have more space to practise their limericks. They all needed to make sure that they spoke clearly, and had a range of actions in line with their poem.

We all had so much fun outside, we watched several children perform their limericks, and gave them some feedback on how to make it even better!!!

Not long until the final performance :)

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Ice Balloon Time Lapse

As previously mentioned.......the day after the Ice Balloon experiment, I showed the children a video of the Ice Balloon melting.....some of the children began to explain how the video must be 15 hours long, which would have been nearly true.....if I hadn't created a TIME LAPSE!!!!!

I left the camera rolling from 3pm on Wednesday.....all the way through the night......even though it is dark, you can still see what has happened!!

The children absolutely loved watching this video.......definitely will be doing more time lapses next half term :) 

Painting our new character

In each of our limericks, we have all created a new character, and what better way to celebrate this, is to paint a picture!

The children worked exceptionally hard on the detail of their character, using parts of their limerick too!!

The completed paintings, will either be put up on display in our classroom, with the limerick too! Keep checking back for photos of our new display and their finished characters!#

Maths - Number Bonds

We have worked exceptionally hard this week, on understanding and remembering our number bonds to 10 and 20.

The children have all been able to explain what is happening to the numbers, as well as thinking of ways to help them to use their knowledge of number bonds to 10, to remember their number bonds to 20. All of this new knowledge will help them to be more confident in their addition and subtraction which is our new Maths topic this week, and we will be moving into column addition as soon as we come back after half term.

This morning, I decided to assess the children on their number bonds knowledge......not in the most traditional way of a written test......but outside on the playground using a piece of chalk!!!!!

We all had so much fun outside, that the children well and truly secured their knowledge of number bonds! Well done everyone :) I am very proud of you!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Working Scientifically - Ice Balloons

This afternoon, as part of our Science learning: Solids, Liquids and Gases......we took part in an experiment to encourage the children to think scientifically, discuss what they were seeing and to come to some sort of conclusion linking to real life situations.

We kept some balloons (filled with water) in the freezer over night, and this afternoon we brought them out on trays. This was the first part of the children's excitement, as they were in awe as to what we were about to do. After a brief discussion to explain what we had done.....the children predicted what they think was going to happen once we cut the top of the balloon. 

Holding the scissors, Mrs Hall cut the top......and the room filled with silence!!!!!! Followed swiftly by masses of discussion as to what has happened!!!

We then put the children into small groups and gave each of them a balloon.......let the scientific discussions begin..................

The classroom was exceptionally loud this afternoon, however, all we could hear was the children using different scientific vocabulary as they observed what was happening to their ice balloon and how it managed to get this shape. 

We then moved the discussion over onto real-life situations and where we have seen ice before, what it has been like etc. 

Mrs Hall, then added some salt and food colouring to each of the ice balloons and the children discussed what was now happening. We managed to get the classroom completely silent so that we could hear the cracking of the ice (however, we weren't silent for long because of how exciting it was to see the ice!!)

Three of our fantastic scientists, came to the conclusion that a 'chemical reaction' was taking place when we added the salt (WOW!!!) Relating all of this to real life situations!!

Such a fantastic afternoon, well done everyone :) 

There will be a surprise waiting for you all in the morning (which I will upload onto the blog as well!)

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

An artistic afternoon

As part of our Ancient Greece topic, we have been learning about 'Greek Vases' which also means we get to create our very own, using a range of patterns and ideas.

The children have learnt all about what the Ancient Greeks used to paint on their vases, and have very carefully compared this to modern life. 

This afternoon has been the Art lesson where we finalise our ideas and create our own sketches of the Greek vases using a range of patterns too.

Here are some photos of the children all concentrating exceptionally hard to make sure their vase is just perfect...................

The children also showed each other and explained what was happening in each of the pictures, and gave some suggested improvements to each other. On Thursday we will start to paint the real vases and get them all ready for display. So keep checking back for the finished vases.

Thanks for reading :)

There once was a............

This week as part of our English learning, we have had a specific focus on limericks. Once the children were shown a range of limericks and that they could recall the features of a limerick, it was time to write our own!!!

The children have all found this so much fun, they have a chance to be creative, a chance to put their wonderful writing skills together, as well as having the confidence to perform each of the poems to the rest of the class.

Today's lesson was all about writing our own limerick, which was completed on whiteboards to allow everyone to make any changes. It was excellent fun listening and watching the entire class counting the syllables for each of their lines, as well as making sure the correct lines follow a rhyming pattern.

Here are some examples of the limericks created today......................

Tomorrow, we will be completing our limericks, and then drawing and painting our characters ready for display.

Keep checking back for other photos of our limericks. 

Thanks for reading :) 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Making a Medusa Head

Linked with our topic: Ancient Greece, as part of our English learning, we have made a Medusa Head and the children have all written their own instructions independently. Here are some photos of our completed Medusa Heads.

I love how creative we all are :) Well done everyone :) 

Monday, 9 October 2017

Reasoning Rules

Our school focus this year is to improve our Maths reasoning skills, something which we are all working very hard at.

For our Maths lesson we challenged the children to complete an empty 100 square on the playground......and explain to us "How do they know they have written the correct number?"

Once we completed the 100 square, we then began to explore the patterns which the children had recognised..........

Such a brilliant Maths lesson for all of us to fully understand how a 100 square works......well done everyone :) 

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Following instructions to make a Grinning Monster

As part of our English lessons, we are learning to identify the features of an instructional text. For this, today we have been following instructions to make our very own Grinning Monster, in preparation to write our instructions to make a Medusa head.

Everyone was able to identify the features and follow the instructions to create their very own Grinning Monster

A massive well done for everyone :) We will put them on display to show how hard we have all worked :)