Tuesday, 17 October 2017

An artistic afternoon

As part of our Ancient Greece topic, we have been learning about 'Greek Vases' which also means we get to create our very own, using a range of patterns and ideas.

The children have learnt all about what the Ancient Greeks used to paint on their vases, and have very carefully compared this to modern life. 

This afternoon has been the Art lesson where we finalise our ideas and create our own sketches of the Greek vases using a range of patterns too.

Here are some photos of the children all concentrating exceptionally hard to make sure their vase is just perfect...................

The children also showed each other and explained what was happening in each of the pictures, and gave some suggested improvements to each other. On Thursday we will start to paint the real vases and get them all ready for display. So keep checking back for the finished vases.

Thanks for reading :)

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