Tuesday, 17 October 2017

There once was a............

This week as part of our English learning, we have had a specific focus on limericks. Once the children were shown a range of limericks and that they could recall the features of a limerick, it was time to write our own!!!

The children have all found this so much fun, they have a chance to be creative, a chance to put their wonderful writing skills together, as well as having the confidence to perform each of the poems to the rest of the class.

Today's lesson was all about writing our own limerick, which was completed on whiteboards to allow everyone to make any changes. It was excellent fun listening and watching the entire class counting the syllables for each of their lines, as well as making sure the correct lines follow a rhyming pattern.

Here are some examples of the limericks created today......................

Tomorrow, we will be completing our limericks, and then drawing and painting our characters ready for display.

Keep checking back for other photos of our limericks. 

Thanks for reading :) 

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