Thursday, 2 November 2017

Debate Time..........Athens vs. Sparta

We had a fantastic afternoon today, learning all about laws and how people lived in Ancient Greece.....specifically in Sparta and Athens. 

As a class, we discussed the laws/rules that we follow at school, homes and within our country, as well as beginning to compare them to other countries. 

We located Athens and Sparta on a map of Greece, and began to think about the different laws which they would follow, as well as how different their lives were even though they were part of the same country.

There was no better way to consolidate our learning on this topic, than to have a whole class debate. After some research on the way people used to live and some of their laws, we split the class into two teams: Team Athens and Team Sparta.

The children were very mature when discussing the rules of a debate and how we need to follow these properly in order for it to be a success. Let the fun begin.........

Once we had discussed a variety of points which included: schools, reading, learning, families, children, the army and the navy.....the children were then set a challenge!!! They had to persuade two members of the opposite team to join theirs!!!

We all had so much fun this afternoon, and the children were able to give very valid points and arguments as to why we should join each of the teams. Fantastic effort everyone :)

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