Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Greek Day - Food tasting

Greek day wouldn't have been complete if it didn't involve food! After break, the children were brought back into class and we were busy preparing the Greek food tasting session. This included: olives, pitta bread, stuffed vine leaves, feta cheese, houmous, and tzatziki. 

After some persuasion that we had grapes on the table (which were in fact olives), the children all began to taste the food. In fact, I think we all had seconds and thirds!!!!!

Most of the children were exceptionally brave and decided to try an olive..............

Unfortunately, because our class are full of very brave warriors, there were no olives left, which Miss Shears absolutely loves!!!

We discussed as a class what each of the food tasted like, and whether we would like to eat some more. As well as a short comparison to some of the food we eat today!!!

Brilliant effort everyone :)

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