Wednesday, 29 November 2017

What makes a sound?

As an introduction to our sound topic in Science, our classroom was very loud this afternoon, because all of the children were given musical instruments to play at the same time!

Before the practical part of our learning, as a class we discussed what we already knew about sound itself. As we are a class with lots of future scientists, we came up with so many good points for the children to show off their knowledge of sound.

I asked the children : How do we make a sound? This question started lots of discussions, including the children giving real life examples of sounds we create in our daily routines from being at home in the morning, coming to school for the day and then going back home. 

The children were then given the chance to use some instruments to create a range of sounds.......

We investigated what makes a sound and the children came up with "when two objects make contact" - fantastic effort by all!! We then discussed all of the sounds we hear in school and what causes them, as well as investigating how we make sound when we talk!

Brilliant learning this afternoon!!

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