Monday, 15 October 2018

Our VERY OWN Stone Age tools and weapons

As promised, here are some of our completed weapons and tools...….

Such a brilliant effort and we all really enjoyed it our trip out today, even though we got soaked. However, what we all managed to create has helped us to dive even deeper into life in the Stone Age and we couldn't be more excited about the next part of our learning journey!

Thanks for reading everyone :) 

Hunter/Gatherers - Life in the Stone Age

This morning, our class and Mr Ward's class all went on a trip to Fishcombe Cove and Battery Gardens. Why you ask, well the main objective was to make our very own Stone Age tool or weapon (we got to choose) but to do this as if we were in the Stone Age, we had to pretend we were a hunter/gatherer. Miss Shears and Mr Ward explained how back in the Stone Age times, they would only be able to use what they could find, therefore that was our mission! We had to gather as much material as possible and try to make our own weapon or tool.

We started out at Battery Gardens, a part that overlooks the sea, which in true Brixham style, the sea was raging with its easterly wind and high tide. We began to gather sticks, pieces of wood, vines and leaves to start the first part of our making stage. This was so much fun because we had to make sure the design in our head could be made with what we had found. Most of the time, none of us managed to pick up a stick which was in exactly the right shape for our tool, therefore we needed to change its shape somehow or search around for something different.

It was brilliant fun because we had to use our very own creativity to start the building stage. Once we had gathered as much as possible, we got together to share what we had found and made sure everyone had something to use as their weapon or tool. Now comes the even more exciting part...Beach time!!!!!!!

In our heads, we all pictured ourselves walking onto the beach and finding an arrow shaped stone which we could easily attach to our stick or piece of very wrong we were!!! This is where the real design stage happened. We searched high and low on the beach and even took to carving a shape into different stones to get exactly what we wanted.

After a lot of perseverance, all of us had managed to create our very own weapon or tool. However, the heavens had fully opened and at this point we were all definitely living life to the full in the Stone Age because we had very limited shelter. We were still all so excited and proud of what we had achieved. 

Check our next blog to see some of our finished weapons and tools :) 

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Cave Paintings - Part 2

Here are some more photos of us all working exceptionally hard to create our cave paintings...….

Check back later on today so you can see some of our finished paintings!

Cave Paintings - Part 1

This afternoon, after taking responsibility to get our classroom ready, we began to create our cave paintings. As a whole class, we discussed the colours which were used as well as how we could create even more colours by mixing. Miss Shears showed us a few examples and we continued to explain how to make the colours lighter or darker. Miss Shears explained how the cave paintings from the Stone Age would always show a 'story' and would tell us something, which is how we know so much about life back then. Therefore, our cave painting needed to 'tell us something' which represented what life was like in the Stone Age.

It was so much fun mixing the paints and creating our own colours and then sharing these with everyone else in our class.

We all took nearly two hours to complete our painting which Miss Shears was very happy with because she wanted us to take our time, and to experiment mixing colours until we were certain which colours we would use.