Monday, 8 January 2018

Ancient Egyptian Treasure Hunt

When we all arrived to school this morning, we noticed how something had been left on our class whiteboard. After lots of guesses......had I left it? Had Mr Adams? It must have been Mrs Hewitt!! Maybe it was a ghost? We then had a closer look at it........

We worked out that it was written in hieroglyphics....which was what the Ancient Egyptians used to write in!! We looked at the map and realised it was a map of our school and that we must try and crack the code!!!!

We followed the map, and were able to find the clues around the school, which then meant we had deciphered the message......and it was about the treasure!!!!!!!

Luckily, we all found the treasure (which we all enjoyed very much!!!!)

Well done everyone, fantastic start to our Egyptian topic :) 

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