Friday, 2 February 2018

Gymnastics - Balance

This week in PE, we continued our gymnastics topic, and for this lesson, we explored the different ways we can balance, using both small and large body parts.

We explored so many different ways we could balance using different parts of our body, and all of the children were being very daring and were trying to find the most creative balance.....and then holding them for 5 seconds without falling over!

After working in pairs, we then moved onto groups of 4, to explore the types of balances we could make together in a group (as well as continuing to be creative with these balances.)

All of the children worked fantastically well together and amazed me with their creativity. Next week, we will be moving onto the different jumps we can do in gymnastics, as well as using the balances we have learnt today in order to create a routine. Lots to look forward to, so keep checking back for updates :) 

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