Friday, 16 March 2018

Crash Mat Time!!!

What an exciting time for our P.E. learning - gymnastics......with some of our favourite equipment!!

We have learnt all about different ways to balance using different body parts, as well as the main types of jumps we use in gymnastics. Today was the day, to put all of that new knowledge together and use the equipment to jump off!!!

We set up a mini carousel of activities to practise everything we have previously learnt, as well as making sure all of the children were having the opportunity to use different equipment! 

The crash mat was evidently the favourite part of the lesson, and it allowed all of the children to show me their creative jumps (and the ones I had taught them)....maybe next time we will have an even higher vault to challenged them further!!!

Travelling along the bench in a variety of different ways was also such fun to watch!

As well as allowing the children to 'fly' (as some of them described it) on the ropes! 

Brilliant PE lesson everyone :) well done....bring on next week where we get the large apparatus out!!!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Our Class Showcase - March 2018

Today, after a lot of dedication and practise, we performed our showcase to all of our parents. If we are completely honest, all of us felt slightly nervous this morning, whether this was because we were worried about forgetting our lines, or our parents and family members weren't going to find our jokes funny!! was an enormous success!!!!

We were all ready and in our places, the parents began to arrive, and were all squeezed into our classroom, Mrs Thompson arrived and started to talk to all of us to help make us feel a bit more relaxed (which did work if we were being honest!) As soon as everyone was settled, Miss Shears introduced, welcomed and thanked all of our family for coming.....and then she handed it over to us!! Surely Miss Shears was going to say more.....she's always talking!!!!

We spoke about all of the wonderful things we have learnt in every single subject whilst being in Miss Shears' class, a few jokes were said (and everyone laughed-hooray!!!!) By this point all of our nerves had gone, and we were in full flow of our showcase!

It was now time for our Acrostic poem which we had written as a whole class! Click on the video below to see our poem.......

After the poetry, Miss Shears spoke about how proud she is of all of us, not just for the showcase, but for everything that we have achieved this year in her class. We then spoke about some of the things we are proud of this year, which include playing football for Miss Shears' team, learning our times tables in Maths, having more confidence and using some very high levels of grammar in our writing.

At this point, we could see Miss Shears, Mrs Hall and even Mrs Thompson having to wipe away a few tears!

We then 'closed the show' and thanked all of our parents and family members for coming, and said how we are going to have a look through our books and show them all of the amazing things we have done in this class!!!

Message from Miss Shears:
I could not be prouder of my class than at this very moment. They were fantastic in the show case and showed how much they enjoy being in my class!! A massive well done to everyone! and thank you to all of the parents who came to see our showcase!!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The Golden Mile

At school, Mr Ward has recently introduced 'The Golden Mile' where every child in our school is challenged with running, walking or jogging around the playground (our golden mile track) for 10 minutes. We are reinforcing The Department of Health's message that children to participate in daily physical activity every day, every week and all year round. 

We all thoroughly enjoy taking part in The Golden Mile, and even though we only started this a week ago, we can already to improvements! 

Well done everyone :) Keep running!!!!

Friday, 9 March 2018

World Book Day - Buddy Reading

We were fortunate enough this afternoon, to be paired up with Miss Smoothy's Reception Class to do some buddy reading. Our children were all so very excited to share their book and their love of reading. It was truly inspiring to watch.......

An enormous effort by both of our classes. Listening to each other read was just FANTASTIC!!!! Well done everyone, let's hope we can do this again soon! Happy reading everyone :)

World Book Day - Writing our own story

I set the children a challenge.......we were to write our very own story!! However, they were to be put into groups of children, and they were only to write one paragraph each. As I moved around the classroom, the children were told the main aspects of the story, including characters and settings, but they had to create the next paragraph with very little knowledge of what had happened in the previous paragraph.

It was fantastic to hear all of the children being creative and sharing their ideas for our very own story!

Here is the story.........................

It was so much fun writing this story! A massive well done to everyone in our class!! We hope you enjoy reading it :) 

World Book Day - Reading in unusual places - Part 2

We were lucky enough to have some time (in between showers and heavy downpours) to go outside and find some different places to read! 

It was so much fun seeing how creative everyone could be! Unfortunately though, the rain began again so we all had to rush in! The children are already excited to be able to go outside in the summer term and read (maybe in some different and unusual places)!!

World Book Day - a very special guest

As part of World Book Day, we were lucky enough to have one of our wonderful parents come in and read a story to the children. Miss Shears chose the book "The Enormous Crocodile" as it's one of her favourites (and she also had a new friend who the children kept looking for!)

We all thoroughly enjoyed it, listening to someone else read, and seeing how much they also love reading as much as we do! The children were so engaged in the story, and were also on 'edge' because Miss Shears had an Enormous Crocodile puppet who kept trying to eat the children!!!! So much fun was had by all!!! A massive thank you to Henry's mum for coming in!

World Book Day - Reading in unusual places!!!

In true Furzeham tradition, Mrs Hewitt had set the challenge of finding the most unusual place to read a book. In our class, we all love a good bit of competition, and made sure we could find the most interesting places to read our favourite books!! However, due to the Brixham weather, it was raining, so we had to be even more creative as we completed this in our classroom!!! At least it wasn't snowing!!!!!!

Depending on the weather, we may be able to go outside and find some even more unusual places to read!!!

World Book Day - a famous author

What better way to start the celebrations of World Book Day, than to invite Michael Rosen into our classroom!!! 

We watched a video of him telling a story called "Chocolate Cake" and it was absolutely hilarious! All of the children loved it, we were all in stitches throughout the video!

Such a wonderful start to World Book Day....keep checking back to see what else we have been doing to share and celebrate our love of reading!!