Thursday, 26 April 2018

Habitat Walk vs. The Brixham Monsoon

Today, the whole class (and the two other Year 3/4 classes) went on a local walk to investigate different habitats as part of our Science learning, and our topic this term.....Animal Kingdom. We planned to investigate a beach, a woodland and a meadow, however, during the walk, something drastically changed.......the weather!!!!!!!!

We started off, by having a 10 minute walk to the meadow, which Miss Shears had previously explored to ensure it was still there!!!! Miss Shears kept telling us that we were nearly there....after the fifth time of her saying it, we started to not believe her, however, after what seemed like we had been walking for most of the day (it was only 7 minutes), we saw the meadow!! Such excitement roared throughout our class!!! We were there......finally!!!!!!

We spread off into our groups, and found the best places to lay out our quads. We were proper scientists today.....we had nets, pooters, magnifying glasses, and used these to see what different types of plants and animals we could see in our quad.

We recorded as much information as possible, and then all of a sudden we heard Miss Shears and Mrs Hall excitedly talking to each other about what they had seen......a buzzard!!!!!

After 15 minutes of investigating the meadow, it was time to move onto our next habitat (in the spirit of fair testing!!) We walked through a fair bit of woodland, and then decided on the best place to lay down our quads. Some more fantastic investigating by everyone.

However.....something was wrong!! Something was very wrong!!!

Mrs Hall began looking up to the sky, and Miss Shears was starting to wonder around as if she was looking for a place to hibernate! Before we had chance to take our next breath, the heaven's opened, and it was like we were in the middle of monsoon season!!!!!! As locals to Brixham, we are all very much used to being caught in a shower (at this point we are very glad that Miss Shears wanted us to wear our coats!!) We began to shelter under trees, which was not at all helpful, as it just ran off the branches, onto the leaves and eventually on us!!!! 

In front of our very own eyes, we could see our quads getting ruined!!! Water and paper does not mix well!!!!! It seemed we were sheltering for a long time (15 minutes apparently), and the rain still was not showing any signs of slowing down! Luckily, it did, so we all started to make our way to the meeting point, in the hope the other classes had also found some kind of shelter, which at this point, we think we would have been drier if we had gone in the sea for a swim!!!!!!! 

Even though we had to cut the habitat walk short, and we didn't manage to make it to the beach due what we can only describe as a monsoon, we are lucky to be part of a fantastic group of 3 classes all of whom were willing to share their investigative results from each habitat! Such fantastic spirit by everyone!! Ultimately, we all enjoyed the walk, and we look forward to our next trip!!!!

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