Friday, 20 April 2018

Tennis Superstars!!!!

As part of our PE learning this term, we have started our first summer sport of tennis. Today we learnt how to hold the tennis racket, how to set up the tennis nets as well as the forehand drive. We started by getting used to what it feels like having a tennis ball on the strings, and seeing if we could control the ball successfully on the strings. This involved several mini class competitions, as well as working on our fitness and movement with the racket itself.

For some of our children, this was the first time they have ever held a tennis racket, so I was very proud of all them for giving 100% effort to try a new sport (which is now all they talk about!!!) We continued to practise striking the ball with the racket, either with a partner or against the ground just to get a feel for the sport! The children absolutely loved it!!!

We eventually progressed on using the net.....we made it clear how it was not how powerful they could strike the ball, but that the ball landed within the court markings. I want the children to feel confident with the tennis racket, developing the skill of striking the ball confidently, and then within the next few weeks, we will begin to develop the power behind each of our strokes! After several practise shots of hitting the ball over the net, the children were put into small teams and we began to play Kings and Queens of the court. The children loved this, and we could all see how everyone thoroughly enjoys playing this amazing sport!! 

Next week, we will be reiterating the importance of the 'ready position' and the 'backhand stroke' as well as playing the game FREEZE JAIL......we look forward to continuing developing our tennis stars of the future!!!!

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