Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Ramadan Talk with Sahar

Today, we had the pleasure of having Sahar Grahb visit our class to teach us all about Ramadan. 

It was a very interesting discussion, and lots of children were asking some very intuitive questions which made it clear how much they wanted to learn. 

Some of the questions included:

How often do you pray?
What do you eat?
Is it difficult?
How do you get through a really hot day without a drink?

All of these questions sparked some fantastic discussions between children and teachers. After the visit, the children continued to ask questions (and still are), as well as having more of an understanding.

We were also very lucky to see Sahar writing in Arabic which sparked even  more discussion about how it is different to our writing. As well as, the children wanting to write their own name in Arabic which is hopefully something we can in the next few weeks.

A big thank you to Sahar :)

Friday, 11 May 2018

Paignton Zoo Part 10 - Reptiles and Amphibians

As our visit to Paignton Zoo was drawing to a close, we visited the last few habitats to see what amazing animals we could find!!

We all had an amazing day at the zoo. It was awe inspiring to see how much the children were learning about all of the different animals and habitats! Brilliant effort everyone, well done :) 

Paignton Zoo Part 9 - The Wobbly Bridge

As with any trip to the zoo, we just had to go on the 'Wobbly Bridge' - it was so much!!!!

Such a fun experience!!!

Paignton Zoo Part 8 - A scene from The Lion King

As mentioned earlier, the children were rather excited to see the lions and tigers! From following our tour guide (Mrs Job), she led us to tiger enclosure!!

The tiger must have exceptionally tired because he didn't move a muscle, even with 60 children laughing and talking near him!!!!! Still an amazing sight!!!

The moment a lot of us have been waiting for had finally arrived! We made our way to the lions! 

This was the best photo we could get of the lions......however, what happened next was what we can only describe as a scene from The Lion King................

All of the children were so excited to see the lion up close!!!

Paignton Zoo Part 7 - The baboons

As with any trip to the zoo, seeing the baboons is an absolute must!!!

We watched the baboons for what seemed like hours because they were all doing so many different exciting things that we never wanted to leave!

So much fun watching the baboons!!